Shape of the Threat

Back in 1977, I wrote a college paper with the thesis that humans under political organization can be prodded into doing some awful things. More specifically, you could travel across the US, polling each individual personally, and the vast majority would espouse fairly strong moral ideas of one flavor or another. And as long as it’s pretty much one-on-one, they will tend to fight for those ideals. But organize them politically, and they can be herded into doing all kinds of things contrary to their moral sensibilities.

There is a corollary: The drive to organize and lead an amorphous group of people is a primary manifestation of evil. Of course, the desire to unify and protect a homogeneous group of people is morally good. Bad guys typically try to cook up a false homogeneity so they can expand their kingdom beyond what they should reasonably want to lead. Ambition is not the same as compassion for your kin.

In other words, the only good moral politics is that which arises from cultural and social homogeneity. Regardless of whatever problems you may see in it, the one and only morally good thing for humanity in a fallen state is tribal nationalism. Having more of this in the world reduces the kind of catastrophic warfare we had in WW1 and WW2. If you do not understand that war in itself is inevitable and proper between small tribal nations, then you have rejected divine revelation. Warfare between empires is invariably evil. War itself is merely an indirect symptom of the Fall.

For Americans, it is good and right to recognize that the US is an empire, a bad thing. It may well be a necessary evil under certain circumstances, but the US has done empire all wrong. So it will most certainly be broken up by God’s hand sooner or later. One of the lessons of the Tower of Babel is the God’s patience with imperial evil is limited. The US is particularly evil in that respect.

But the main lesson of the Tower of Babel is that any drive to unite humanity under a single government is impossible without being truly horrific. Political unity is an evil in itself, unless it arises from the natural drawing power of commonality. In other words, politics must arise from natural human instinct for social peace, and the only proper foundation for social stability is cultural homogeneity. It must be a homogeneity that is organic, not something ginned up and forced down their throats.

Globalists are trying to destroy America so they can drag us into another Tower of Babel empire. They aren’t the only ones with such a dream. I’ve noted in the past that Zionism is the ultimate threat to this blog. I’ve made it a point to expose the false notion that God still favors Israel as His special people. They rejected Him and executed His Son, so He has rejected them until they embrace His Son. He has warned that we should never expect to see that, so their prospect is dim. Meanwhile, their patron deity is Satan. But Satan is also the patron god of Globalism.

The danger coming through Zionism is some way off still. It will be great, but we have a proximate danger from Globalism that looms larger on the horizon. The idea that all humanity is “equal” is blasphemous. I put that in quotes because it actually means interchangeable. That is, for you as an individual, you are not permitted to discern how nice it is to deal with people who instinctively react to things as you do. If you are male, you are not permitted to prefer pairing with a female. If you speak the American language, you aren’t permitted to prefer doing business in that language. And if your entire economy and way of life depends on a certain set of cultural values and expectations, you are simply wrong to enjoy that economy.

And by all means, the entire human race simply must be forced to live in close proximity to people who actually hate them and want to kill them. There is no such thing as civilization unless the elite globalists define it. So you see, it’s a very elitist thing and it’s all for your own good. And if force is necessary to bring about their vision of a good world, then massive slaughter causes them not the least heartburn.

Granted, the Zionists want something similar, but their plans are still nowhere near as complete as for the Globalists. The latter are convinced they’ve already been delayed enough and are trying to overturn the last US presidential election. Trump was stupid enough not to shut them down, in part because the Zionists would not allow him to do so. You see, the Zionists are hoping to watch the globalists fail so they can pick up the same system and carry on making it work. They don’t object to the globalist system, only the folks running it. So Zionists tend to ally with globalists a lot, but they are only using them. They do not have the same agenda.

The new generation of globalists are most assuredly not friends of the Zionists. They have carried Globalism to its logical conclusion and are hostile to Israel. I feel quite certain the Zionists were caught a little off guard by the depth of hostility the new generation bears for them, so they are having to work hard to deal with them, all without breaking the system the Zionists hope to inherit once the globalists fail.

The new globalists are coming on hard and fast, and they are currently the bigger threat to this blog. They have managed to drive deep into a lot of critical sectors of society. A great many technology companies are transfixed on the SJW lance, along with virtually the entire range of Open Source software development. Last year a very large number of Open Source projects announced changes to their charters that made them conform to SJW fascist doctrine.

It’s not liberalism that is getting so many people kicked off various platforms; it’s Globalism in the guise of the SJW cult.

When the impeachment putsch fails, Antifa will return to the streets with a vengeance. They will treat us to terrorism during the next election. But the real danger is the vast number of people being kicked out of everything for violating SJW doctrine. And it’s not just the US; right now the UK NHS has said it will begin refusing to treat patients who have been tagged as racist or sexist. Of course, the definition of those grave crimes is an extremist one from the SJW cult. That kind of tactic is already spreading throughout the virtual world, as well.

I sense that folks who own WordPress (the service) will eventually cave and start shutting down more blogs. This one is sure to go in that wave, but I will always seek another way to spread my message. This blog will oppose them openly until they get it closed.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Shape of the Threat

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Can’t believe the impeachment stuff is still going on. What a colossal waste of everyone’s time


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