Virtual Tribes

Just a reminder: I am a Christian Mystic with no recognizable political agenda. My outlook is prophetic; I’m analyzing what I see based on an otherworldly orientation. The only eagerness I express for various trends visible to us today arises from the expectation that those trends reveal the way God does things. God is steering events and we should cheer Him on, because His divine will is the very definition of what is morally good and right.

If I am deluded, then at least I don’t hide it from my readers. I’ll share with you openly my delusions so you’ll know when to ignore me. Sometimes you should ignore me, but I’m not competent to decide for you when that is. You should have your own direct line with God through the Holy Spirit.

It’s not that I agree wholeheartedly with Doug Casey and his analysis. For example, I think he’s wrong about how many people own guns, particularly in the Heartland. I think he’s out of touch on that. But I have to agree with his comments about Trump as having no discernible philosophical orientation. This is why his administration is so chaotic; he has no sufficient grounds for limiting the presence of those in the Executive agencies working against his plans. All he has is the strength of his personal will, which is quite potent, and has carried him this far. Never mind the polls; he is still very popular with the voters.

We are headed for a civil war. Most Americans won’t see that very clearly until it’s too late to take sane steps and prepare for it. There’s really very little we can do to help them, because it’s not a matter of facts, but of an orientation. They have been manipulated and deceived, and they remain confused about a lot of that manipulation, despite having some inkling. Too many of them don’t have that inner anchor point of conviction that guides you and I. So this thing will be pretty messy. Most of them will make choices that don’t reflect reality, particularly reality as God made it.

And yet, the amount of violence and bloodshed will be a mere symptom. It won’t be the actual battleground. I believe more now than ever that the real battlefield is online. This is where the globalists have their strongest grip, though it is hardly total control. In some ways, the various networking protocols simply do not lend themselves to that kind of control. But Big Tech is definitely globalist, overwhelmingly so, and quite visceral and hateful about it. The current propaganda fronted by Big Tech services reflects that.

The imperialists are also present, but it’s a different game entirely for them. And let’s not confuse them with Zionists; that’s a separate category altogether. Many globalists are also Zionist, though it tends to be just a choice of convenience, not doctrine. It’s confusing, I know, but we need to keep that in its own unique place in the scheme of things. Our problem with imperialists is that they are willing to masquerade with a far greater depth than the globalists do. Their presence is much harder to detect, while the globalists tend to be loud and proud.

Again, the right and left are false categories. They are real to the population at large, but that isn’t what guides the decision makers in our government. Try not to get lost. The only real opposition to both globalists and imperialists is nationalism, in all its various flavors. Thus, the resurgent southern Confederate patriotism is a form of nationalism, but the globalists in Big Tech refuse to distinguish them from Nazis. By painting them all as extremists, they fail to recognize just how many people oppose them in principle.

The issue for you and I boils down to watching the reaction to the globalist censorship of everyone else in general, and nationalists in particular. This is already failing in various ways, and we are seeing a fresh ramp-up of efforts by the Big Tech censors. They don’t realize just how big the reaction will be once it gets rolling. The average Net surfer will not react much, if at all, but there is a very hard core of nationalists building the means to get around all of the barriers. The nationalists are building their own networking infrastructure, their own platforms, and they will draw off a critical mass that will result in some kind of open virtual warfare.

I don’t think anyone can predict too many particulars because of the creativity of the people involved. But in each of the various markets where the nationalists are under attack, there has already been a rather rapid investment in pushing back against the globalist minions (AKA SJWs = social justice warriors). The globalists are actually outnumbered, but it takes awhile to drum up the sentiment and get the victims of the SJWs to start putting their money where their mouths are.

So far, we have seen a lot of false starts. A lot of dreamers with some measure of big money have started up some services based on dreams of free speech that don’t actually work online. They have yet to understand the Internet and how humanity online is not the same creature as in real life. Do you realize that the single biggest supporters of free expression are pornographers? And despite their rhetoric, the pornos are pushing the envelope every day, seeking to move the boundaries of tolerance to capture more souls and money. It’s a foul temptation to take their money and support for something that would be degraded by their presence.

The effective opposition to Big Tech globalists will have to drop the “free speech” dreams and call this what it is: a war between two opposing religious and cultural ideals. Censorship, or whatever you want to call limiting noise that hinders your message, is a necessity. The nature of online communities can’t be open to just anyone and still function. It will always degrade to the lowest common denominator, so you have to set boundaries or there is no community.

What really works is social fragmentation. We know that from the Tower of Babel narrative. Except instead of fragmentation around geographical locations, it’s a matter of virtual geography. The future of the Net is independent communities of people who meet in virtual space, but are scattered around the world. This is what God seeks to do with the Internet.

This is what we seek with the covenant of Radix Fidem, and with Kiln of the Soul ministries.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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