Current News Review 05

I get weary of the bad news, even when I feel compelled to talk about it. While I’m not willing to turn this blog into an alternative news aggregator, certain items do catch my attention.

I’m doing my best to keep track of the agricultural sector of the US economy. We are shipping a most incredible amount of hogs to China. Over there, a swine plague has killed off at least a quarter of their entire supply, and they are scrambling to make up the difference. So one of the things the Chinese government compromised on was importing our hogs without a tariff.

A while back I mentioned how the surprise heavy rains during harvest destroyed a lot of crops in the Heartland. Now the sudden early cold and snowfall has aggravated things. Lots of stuff planted for fall harvest never got harvested. Granted, this most heavily affects GMO crops like soybeans, corn and wheat, stuff that we shouldn’t eat in the first place. Still, you have to understand how the US food supply depends so very heavily on those three critical crops. If such a big slice of the GMO stuff that masses eat never comes to market, they will try to buy whatever else is available. Supply and demand, folks — when the supply gets cut, the standard demand pushes the price up.

I don’t see anything to prevent a shocking inflation in food costs once the current stocks are consumed. Whenever this fall’s crop is supposed to enter the supply chain, a big chunk of it won’t be there. We won’t be starving; when domestic prices rise enough, the agribusiness is glad to sell at home instead of exporting it. We have been exporting an awful lot of food in recent decades. But it means the prices are almost guaranteed to rise, so plan accordingly.

This will become the excuse a lot of militant globalists will use to call for forced veganism and other “environmental” policies. It won’t work, but there will be a tremendous amount of noise about it. That’s because the mainstream media is inherently globalist. Aside from a tiny selection of alternative voices, the entire field of journalism is rooted in globalist assumptions. You cannot get involved in journalism unless you first bow down to their false god. This is Babylon rising again.

They dare not report the truth, even when the conspirators openly admit their conspiracy. See: “Thank God for Deep State,” ex-CIA boss says. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory?

When Trump and his defenders talked about the Deep State during the “Russiagate” hysteria, the very same outlets pooh-poohed them as insane, paranoid, and delusional. Now they say the Deep State is real, it’s always been real, and it’s acting in the best interests of the American Republic — and if you don’t believe it, you’re the one who’s insane, paranoid and delusional. Sense a pattern?

In the minds of the globalist CIA and their allies, it is “patriotic” to drag America in under the authority of the globalist UN. It is “patriotic” to promote an elite ruling class that is so alienated from, and hostile to, the majority of the US population that we have no greater enemy in this world.

This is part of why I am convinced we are headed for a civil war. And these globalists want such a conflict, because they honestly believe it will give them the upper hand. They aren’t willing to dirty their hands in bloodshed directly, yet they somehow believe that they can force their agenda on a hostile population. They really do not grasp just how unpopular they are.

On a secular political level, I’m predicting this impeachment mess will collapse rather suddenly. I’m no fan of Trump, but the vast majority of the US would rather follow him than his opposition. And the primary root of his opposition is the Neo-Babylonian pagan cult of globalism. If Americans do not prepare themselves to resist with bloodshed, then it will most certainly be their blood that will be shed. The globalists have already declared war, and the sooner folks realize that, the sooner they can take appropriate action.

This is the hand of God; He has warned us in His revelation that He will always crush the cult of Babylon, typically right when the cult leaders are convinced they are about to win. We should neither lead nor resist when His hand moves. Follow your convictions.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Current News Review 05

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    The impeachment crap was starting to go away, I think last week, but the Dems founds more things to flounder on and keep it in the headlines. I forget the context, but it was pretty obvious that they were really reaching for something to show.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    That was why they took the risk of bringing up for a vote. If they didn’t, this thing would have collapsed already.


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