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Current News Review 09

Once more: There is nothing we can do to stop the forward roll of oppression. That lies in God’s hands alone. It will not come with armed occupation; it has already begun in the form of voluntary participation through numerous … Continue reading

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From Where I Stand

The fundamental evil of the human race is rejecting divine revelation. This rejection is the very foundation of the Fall. It is what defines humanity as “fallen.” The Curse of the Fall is that we are given over to that … Continue reading

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The Real “Sacred Heart”

We have established that teaching Biblical Law always includes the heart-led way of faith in your convictions-as-the-voice-of-God. It’s about God’s Law as a reflection of God Himself, the means by which we get to know Him. But we also know … Continue reading

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Trump’s Failure

Trump had full legal authority to pardon the three military servicemembers who were charged or convicted of so-called war crimes. Nobody disputes that. Whether it was wise to do that is a fair subject for debate. But we should completely … Continue reading

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Admin: Closing an Email Account

Those of you still using my oldest email address ( need to switch to another of my addresses. I’m shutting down all accounts on that domain. I recommend you start using my Outlook address ( or Gmail (

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Current News Review 08

I’m still utterly convinced there will be a right-wing armed backlash against the left. But I’ve already warned it won’t be nationwide all at once. It will be local in character and it will look like small stuff at first … Continue reading

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Lock `em Up — Missing the Point

I’m responding to this temper tantrum. I’ll summarize, so if it matters to you, then think deeply enough to see the connections. You may notice how the article points out that crime is rising, and that it was rising well … Continue reading

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Current News Review 07

This will be short and simple, and somewhat generalized. We can see how the population of the US is being radicalized, divided into two sides harshly opposed to each other. While the underlying conflict is globalists and imperialists together against … Continue reading

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My War against Advertisers

It shouldn’t be necessary to explain this: Western society is intensely materialistic. The Western definition of “civilization” excludes the otherworldly outlook of the Bible, to the point that materialism is read back into the Bible to pervert its meaning. The … Continue reading

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Browser Review 2019

The field has changed a good bit over the past year or two on web browsers. Google Chrome is easily the worst in terms of privacy and propaganda manipulation, but dominates the market. Recently the developers have been cutting out … Continue reading

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