Last Flowers of the Season

This is likely the last time I’ll get to shoot blossoms until next spring. This particular shrub with the fuzzy purple flowers is the only one like it anywhere around Draper Lake, so far as I’ve seen. I glimpsed this one last week, but it wasn’t so fully developed. Now it’s in full bloom.

This was a quite rare sighting: Indian Paint Brushes. There were just a few isolated blossoms in one small area below the dam. I had to use my telephoto to get this shot. These are normally spring only, and not very long lived. They aren’t likely to be around long this time, either.

Can you see the lavender color now? As I understand it, this taller bush with the tiny purple daisies is not the same breed as the ones that grow in short shrubs or in the grass. The color is quite vivid, and these popped out over the weekend. They weren’t in bloom last week.

I’ve never seen these before, and this is the only specimen along the bikeway. I’m not sure how much flowering this thing normally manifests, but these tiny few pink blossoms really caught my eye as I rode past.

Of course, the yellow daisies are still predominant, yet they are starting to fade as we get overnight lows down below 50°F. They will probably still outlast everything else. This fall has been quite a show with stuff that shows up only when summer lingers into September and we get some good rain. Besides, talking the bikeway has gotten boring. virtually all the paving is done, most of the turfing and landscape is done, and only a few fixtures have to be installed. The last thing will be the paint work. The bikeway is in already in full use, though.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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