Don’t Join the Herd

This isn’t really new, but it is a very eloquent explanation of what we always knew. In essence, the cross contamination between government and Big Tech is painfully obvious. Moreover, we have a clear declaration that the whole objective of this conjugation is lying to the public. Government and Big Tech are manipulating you — for your own good, of course.

While this doesn’t prevent us finding more honest reports about such things, it makes it a full-time ministry for some to dig those sources out for others to see. Over the past two decades, I’ve found that a lot of sources I thought I could trust were no better than the mainstream. I’ve ended up having to make note in what ways some sources are good at one thing and bad at others.

At the same time, a very critical element in all of this is emphasizing your own personal angle, your sense of calling about this stuff. It’s highly unlikely any single reader of this blog is going to be interested in all the same stuff that interests me. Not everything I can chase down is worth your time, particularly if you have your own sense of divine calling. I’d much rather you discover that divine calling than to follow me around the Net, and all the corners I poke into.

The primary warning here is that elitism is a sin. The Bible distinguishes between accepting the leadership of people God appoints to reveal His will on one hand, and on the other hand, swallowing everything they consider important. The same spirit of God that guides me is the One guiding you, too. The mission of His covenant congregation is using the context of our fallen existence to demonstrate how it is fallen, and just how fallen it is. We can’t avoid some form of organization as we gather in fellowship, but that doesn’t make the leadership any more sacred than the followers.

I don’t take myself seriously, nor should you. But I do take the mission seriously. You should take your own mission seriously. And where our missions overlap, somebody has to be in charge of the various aspects. So a division of labor is part of what it means to organize. In this virtual parish in particular, there is no reason for you to surrender your own sense of direction.

Elitism seeks no cooperation, only compliance. It’s not a question of hating government, of looking for any excuse to rebel. Rather, it’s not taking seriously the various pronouncements of government and media. Notice what they say, because it speaks volumes about where they intend to herd you. Then decide whether their plans will conflict with God’s demands on your life, and act accordingly.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Don’t Join the Herd

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Never thought of the Brits being a player in the infoprop game, but any bigger (or any) government is going to have to be these days. The fact that governments need to get involved to move the needle mean they are pretty out of touch to begin with.


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