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OpenSUSE: No Sales Pitch

The average consumer gives precious little thought to the technology they use, beyond concerns with their own convenience. The only time they start caring about what’s going on behind the interface they experience is when failures impinge on their convenience. … Continue reading

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Draper Bikeway 20

The Draper Bikeway was officially opened Saturday. I wasn’t there, but I saw on the local news they were giving away trail maps printed on cloth, had balloons covering an archway, etc. So today I rode out to Draper, as … Continue reading

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Fix-it: Win10 1903 Update Breaks File Sharing

Short Version Once the 1903 update hit the Win10 computers my wife uses, the normal file-sharing setup quit working. This has to do with tightening security. If you have a significant number of computers on your network and you share … Continue reading

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Current News Review 04

Someone asked me what I would do if I was made king. I said I would abdicate because I’m not willing to exercise ruling power over people who haven’t voluntarily submitted to a covenant. It’s difficult enough shepherding a covenant … Continue reading

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Random Shots Fall 2019

Just some random shots from several different rides. First is the lower dam running under Eastern Avenue from the Oklahoma River recreation area. This was last week when we had a good flow. The crews were still working on the … Continue reading

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Router Update

Amazon delivered our Pepwave Surf SOHO router this afternoon. The styling is totally bland, but the guts are a sheer delight. Not to say that it was easy; this is a commercial device, after all. I found a manual and … Continue reading

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Admin: Router Failing (Resolved)

After evaluating minor problems with networking here at home, I conclude that our router is starting to fail. It’s not dead, but it seems to be fading slowly. We don’t have the money to buy another right now. If you … Continue reading

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