BOHICA on Encryption

First, let’s remind ourselves of the basic principle of government: Nobody has any business poking around in your daily life if they aren’t related by blood or covenant. That comes down from our Creator. So far as I know, no government on this planet meets that requirement, so no human government is supported by God. He may use such governments, much as some emperor has cattle herds, but He employs cattlemen to handle them for Him. Satan is God’s cowboy. Those governments are all relegated under Satan’s authority.

We should by no means be surprised when human governments do evil. We should count on it.

So take a quick look at this post by Bruce Schneier. He’s covered this before: US government agencies continue to demand a special backdoor to all encrypted communications. And these agencies already know for a fact that this is not possible, without compromising the security of those communications, making them vulnerable to bad actors.

Indeed, the chief bad actor here is the government. You can be certain that they will use those back doors for things that are flatly illegal; they have done it with every other special access they have been granted. Good moral people do not demand such access.

The first comment to that post, by someone who goes by the name of Clive Robinson, nails it:

Nobody in the FBI or DoJ want’s a “constructive dialogue” at any point, they have no wish to listen to reason no matter how valid… As I’ve said before they will carry on arguing some trite argument because they know that at some point the eternal vigulance will blink, thus they will be able to slip something by. As they have no real skin in the game they will just keep arguing and pushing till they get what they want, and every citizen losses yet more freedoms for nothing.

Unlike Clive, I have no confidence whatsoever in the tactics of civil resistance. Sure, there will be people who will attempt to shout down the thugs demanding such access, but this will not prevent them eventually winning it. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Worse, virtually the entire federal government supports this. For example, I believe I can count on one hand the number of Congressmen who would restrain the government on this — that’s less than 1%. Yes, Trump is in favor of this demand. Count on seeing legislation that requires government free access to encrypted communications in the near future.

There is precious little we can do about it. If you are determined to use encryption for any communications, your best hope is using private encryption that requires a warrant to decrypt. That is, use something like GnuPG, and exchange keys by hand, not over the Net. Run it on a system that doesn’t record you keystrokes. We already know that Windows and Mac both offer the capability for third party snooping, though they typically don’t do it by default. I’m not aware of any Linux distributions that have such back doors built into them, and I’d be shocked if any of the BSDs did it.

That’s not to say someone can’t get their hands on your system without you knowing it, and compromising it in some way, but at least with Open Source it doesn’t come from the provider already compromised.

Finally, this reminder: I don’t support Open Source because it’s superior, either in product or in ethics. The one reason for choosing Linux is because it gives me a level of control I simply cannot get from Windows or Mac. If I bother to learn how, I can rewrite the code for the whole thing on Linux, but can’t even come close to blocking all the ways Windows and Mac phone home. And whatever the DoJ and FBI might have been in the past, both are now firmly under globalist control. They are enemies to the US Constitution, and to Americans in general. Don’t trust them to do anything good or right.

(By the way, the acronym BOHICA means, “Bend over; here it comes again.” It’s a reference to sodomy rape.)

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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