Keeping Track of Snakes in the Grass

It’s more than a matter of privacy; the electronic spying has already led to false positives and innocent people being persecuted.

Let me recommend this rather long story about spying via 911 call services in the US. Keep in mind that the real driver behind this stuff is Zionism. Not the nutty stuff you see in the mainstream media, but a very dark and ugly creature that seeks eventually to turn every Gentile into a slave, and introduce a world government that confiscates everything on behalf of Israel.

Some things to keep in mind as you read that story: Palantir is tightly linked into the Trump administration. Also, Palantir was tightly linked to the HBGary scandal a few years back. That’s where some hi-tech software was designed to create a million or so “sock-puppets” to feed disinformation into social media to disrupt Wikileaks, and it was targeting directly journalist Glen Greenwald. Palantir disclaimed any genuine plans to support Aaron Barr, the disgraced boss of HBGary, and his plans for this sock-puppet game. However, you should note that the sock-puppets did arise as a part of a US military program, and have been active since at least before the HBGary scandal. Palantir is still involved in the sock-puppet game today; their software is part of the toolset that makes it possible.

And don’t let them bury the story that Oliver North was an early mover and shaker in the business of “pre-crime” detection. That’s the whole point of this business now, and what the linked story is about. Trump is promoting the idea of creating a pre-crime detective service under the guise of doing something “conservative” and more likely to work than just confiscating guns and limiting access to firearms. Sure, Trump supports the 2nd Amendment, but also supports the Orwellian system of snooping into everyone’s lives to detect folks likely to commit crimes. But it’s crimes against the government that they care about, not crimes against the population as a whole.

The biggest threat here is that AI will never be smart enough to avoid false positives — grabbing innocent folks. The issue of human will and fallen nature does not register with Artificial Intelligence. It cannot predict when someone is close to committing a crime, or joining in a criminal enterprise, so it will grab everyone with the least bit of anger at government oppression.

This issue is neither left nor right; this is plain old evil and tyranny. These people are working together to keep their fingers in both major political parties so that the basic outcome is pretty much the same either way. This the fingerprints of The Cult.

There are some practical steps you can take, and I’ve preached them on this blog for a long time. It’s stuff like avoiding most social media in the first place. If you do surf social media, use different browsers for different purposes, or use multiple profiles to keep a firewall between your reading, your financial transaction, and your personal life. Wipe every part of your browser cache between sites — every time you leave a site. Use adblockers and avoid sites that harass you about them. Learn alternative ways to get any information that tends to get locked behind paywalls. Use the Tor browser bundle; consider using Opera and their built-in proxy for some things. And for goodness’ sake, stop using your cellphone to surf the Net until it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t install apps; remove some of the bundled crap you get from your provider. In other words, keep your online footprint fractured and scattered so no one figure out who you are.

Too much trouble? Then deal with the consequences, because they will affect everyone in your family and all your friends. It’s easier to be paranoid online; that’s just a matter of technology. Paranoia in real life is crazy.

Addenda: The article also mentions PROMIS, a database program the US government outright stole from the private company that created it. Look up the name INSLAW for details on that episode. The judges who handled the case were corrupt, and would naturally serve the government that paid their salaries. Given my bad experience with the US Marshals around 1999, and based on their slanderous comments about me to third parties, it is highly probable that I am listed in the Main Core database.

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