Embrace the Doom

You may not have anything to gain by reading this, but I really need to write it for my own sanity.

On this blog, it’s a given that the mainstream media is lying. Not just the so-called “liberal press,” but the conservatives in all their various manifestations are also lying. Once in awhile you get a fairly straight story from someone, something that helps you ditch the false hopes that will lead you to invest energy and resources in something that is already dead. The truth is that the US is being destroyed quite intentionally; the plutocrats are convinced they can steer the collapse to their profit.

For the most part, they will fail, but the US will collapse. And there will always be someone who seizes the opportunities to gain power and wealth from chaos. If nothing else, just don’t buy into any golden dreams about the future. This world sucks because it’s designed to be unpleasant. Not the natural world; I’m referring to the morally blind fallen human nature in a world that is unfallen. It’s a natural world that is also unguided and subject to chaos because its appointed management is us. Heaven is another realm of existence, so don’t get your hopes up for heaven on earth.

Don’t be a sucker. Don’t leave yourself open for the next Serpent in the Garden. Settle on the life ethic of doing what’s right because it’s right, regardless whether it seems to work in this fallen world. Do what’s right for the sake of that other world, because it will stand eternally after this one is gone.

It’s not enough to be worldly wise. It’s not enough to realize that, while China’s economy is crappy, ours is even worse. You need to see it from a prophetic point of view, as well. It’s not as if God has only a tiny few appointed prophets; it’s that so few make themselves available for the mission. He grants quite generously visions of what can and should be, so that it’s not too hard to see where things are going when His wrath falls. You could know that right now is a really excellent time for America, at least, to pull back from global trade and focus on domestic economic stability. Trade war isn’t wrong; it’s being done wrong, and for the wrong reasons.

Notice I’m not suggesting growth is possible; we will have an economic contraction. This is a good time to make sure we survive it by restructuring the system. But that won’t happen, because the people running the system don’t give a damn about us. They are so focused on plunder that they cannot see where things are going. They honestly believe they are controlling this collapse. They don’t realize that God is crushing America for His own reasons. By the time they recognize they aren’t running the show, it will be too late.

They refuse to see that their power and wealth actually rests on ensuring the common welfare. Worse, they have no clue what promotes the common welfare in the first place. Nor am I trying to push my personal vision of what makes for an ideal world here. An awful lot of what we have had in America at various times would have worked okay, and we didn’t have to end up like this. God Himself is not an absolutist about these things.

Consider the situation with the Prophet Daniel. It’s not like he ever expected the Babylonian or Medo-Persian governments to ever submit to Jehovah or any of the Law Covenants. But Daniel understood from revelation how God herded the nations that didn’t know Him, and he was able to serve with distinction in various imperial offices, rising to the position of a grand satrap for Persia. That same level of worldly wisdom remains possible in the world today.

Daniel did what was right in the context of his divine mission and calling. His presence made a bad situation a lot better than it might have been. You can still do that in whatever context you find yourself. I seriously doubt anyone reading this has anywhere near the influence Daniel did, but you won’t know what God has for you ahead if you don’t seize what is in front of you now.

Turn away from the mainstream lies about what’s going on right now. Follow your heart. Embrace the doom on the US as just and normal and make the most of it by shining your candle of moral sanity.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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3 Responses to Embrace the Doom

  1. forrealone says:

    “Turn away from the mainstream lies about what’s going on right now. Follow your heart.”
    Good advice for everyone; bless those who heed it!


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    A visualization of embracing the doom (at the 1:29 mark):


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    I remember that movie, though I never saw it all the way through. Comical version of embracing the doom; thanks.


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