Mama’s Boy

This blog focuses on practical applications of a peculiar outlook, an outlook we call Christian Mysticism. It’s title — Do What’s Right — points back to that mission. It’s about knowing what is right and then doing it. To get there, we talk about covenants, feudalism, and mission calling.

I don’t spend that much time and space on the men’s red-pill lore. At least half of what you can find is morally bankrupt. The useful parts are too easily addressed in the biblical teaching of the covenant shepherd’s role. Still, we cannot deny that some portion of that red-pill stuff does accurately reflect what’s in the Bible. Still, instead of throwing around the labels red-pill sites use, let’s see if we can stick to the biblical model.

In discussing what it means to be a biblical man and a biblical woman, one of the hardest tasks is sussing out the difference between what is wired in from Creation and what is the result of the Curse of the Fall. For example, Paul writes (1 Timothy 2:11-14) that Eve before the Fall was not equipped to detect certain lies Satan told her. In a certain sense, her receptiveness was simply a matter of feminine nature. Her mission from God, her orientation on certain priorities, made her open to manipulation.

It was Adam’s job to notice the way Satan’s contention threatened the covenant blessings. Adam was supposed to guard against temptation in regards to that moral question. We have no way of knowing how Eve went about convincing Adam to go along with her choice. What we do know is that Adam in that moment was playing a false role as enabler.

You can reject the Bible on any grounds you like, but this blog is unabashedly patriarchal simply because the Bible says it rests on something fundamental to Creation itself, not as a result of the Fall. It’s easy to do patriarchy wrong, as the West typically does. But Scripture is quite consistent about rejecting feminism; it often comes in the guise of condemning idolatry. In particular, we are warned over and over again against any manifestation of goddess worship. The idea that womanhood holds a moral purity superior to that of men is an abomination.

Not that women are inferior, but it’s contrary to their appointed role in Creation to make decisions over men. Women are meant to be more flexible about matters of theology, for example, because God requires her to follow the lead of her husband, or whomever stands in the role as her spiritual covering, her primary shepherd. In some practical matters, women are superior, but not on issues that God committed to the care of men. Women are inherently more materially oriented; men are better at abstractions. There will always be some limited conflict between the two — that’s a part of the Curse of the Fall. However, a man must first and foremost follow the call of Spirit in deciding what and how the household will invest resources for the long term.

The man must find his individual mission within the broader mission of shepherding the household within covenant boundaries. The Covenant of the Garden was that Adam and Eve were to manage nature in accordance with revelation. Adam was in charge and Eve was his supporter. She kept an eye on certain things Adam could not easily see, and vice versa. She had her input in the decisions he made. We don’t know their talents and capabilities; they are presented as types.

Giving her more say than she should have had was where Adam failed. In this, he was like a Mama’s Boy. All respect and honor to our mothers, but at some point we have know what God called us to do and it means sometimes putting aside what any woman demand of us.

Now, in red-pill lore, some refer to the Mama’s Boy as “Gamma Male.” There is extensive material on what that means, but the primary point here is that it’s a guy who bows the knee to a false goddess. He’s trying to appease someone who shouldn’t be granted certain authority. He’s doing what Adam did in failing to stand up and reject the lies of Satan. It doesn’t matter how talented he is, or if he only imagines he is because he allows the women to manipulate him. They will only use him and throw him aside when he’s no longer useful, so he gets nothing he thought he would gain from his servile behavior.

In a covenant community, the shepherd is aware such men exist. All men have that failure in them, but it manifests in different ways. All women have that urge to dominate in certain ways, so we take it for granted that it will show itself. Every shepherd will have to deal with carping, nagging women focused on what women can see, and men who will support and enable that carping. The shepherd in question must decide how to handle that, but if he doesn’t have a vision for the family that adheres to the covenant and seeks the blessings, nobody should follow him.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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