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Current News Review 02

First, a little context. I take the position that Trump is a terrible president, but not for any of the reasons his opponents offer. He’s awful because he is sold out to the Zionists/Imperialists. Yet I still take the position … Continue reading

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Always Follow the Money

A couple of interesting reads today. First is this one painting a distinction between the Green religion and the globalist cabal hiding behind the Greens. Greta Thunberg may be a true believer, but she is cynically used as a puppet … Continue reading

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Playing with Sprint Sonim XP3

This is not a review, just sharing my experience. We bought this thing (Sonim XP3, AKA XP3800) yesterday and it is quite a different device from any previous flip phone I’ve had. The first thing you’ll notice is that the … Continue reading

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Current News Review 01

This should become a recurring series. Greta Thunberg scolding the UN: This is what happens when you render your children unto Moloch. It’s no different from child trafficking in any other form — a waste of precocious talent. This is … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends 08

My ISP is Cox Communications. Their big ticket is cable TV, but I generally hate TV and our air reception is fine where we live. A while back I wrote a letter to corporate and begged them to stop harassing … Continue reading

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Our Permission Not Required

I am a shepherd, called of God. Keep in mind that the Lord called people like Peter and even Judas into discipleship. The former finally took the right path, while the latter failed. Had Judas not betrayed the Lord, Satan … Continue reading

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What Would You Expect?

All I can do is share with you my own plans. This is what I expect to see. The next election will be stolen. Both sides will be trying their hardest to corrupt the process in their own favor. This … Continue reading

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