It’s Only Going to Get Worse

The noise about the fires in the Amazon watershed in Brazil is just noise.

A critical claim in this noise is that the Amazon rain forest is the lungs of the earth. This extravagant claim is based on the idea that the balance between respiration and photosynthesis in the Amazon Basin produces a net bonus of oxygen for the world. This is asserted in one form or another totally without proof. So far as anyone can actually measure, the oxygen cycle in any given natural biome is pretty much in balance within the biome itself.

Another element in the propaganda is the implication that all of the fires are virgin forest. This happens to be a flat out lie, because actual surveys show that almost all of the burning takes place on land that was previously cleared. In other words, the fires are simply the agricultural practices of the people who live there. Granted, this is a very bad practice for the most part, but there’s really not much we can do about it.

As this article notes, the majority of the images posted in social media are from previous decades or from other places in the world. They aren’t current photos of the Amazon fires. The whole thing is a thinly disguised political attack on the current president of Brazil. In the minds of the people making the noise about the Amazon fires, Bolsonaro is too much like Trump, and they loathe Trump.

I loathe him, too, but mine is not a partisan position. And I most certainly believe in harmonizing with nature, but not on the basis of elitist pagan Green religion, any more than I would find common cause with American middle-class religion. Both are merely manifestations of various brands of materialism.

The problem with Trump is that he is a Zionist, serving the interests of a foreign government power. Regarding his attacks on the left-wing, he has been entirely too soft and civilized, allowing communism (a disguise for globalism) to fester in the US. The trade war is a bad implementation of a very good idea for rebuilding the US economy. Immigration restrictions are a wonderful idea, but he has been faffing around with it instead of doing it right. He’s a wuss, a self-absorbed idiotic blowhard, but the viable alternatives are even worse for America.

So it does precious little good to even get involved in the discussion about American politics, since it is impossible to imagine that anyone in power will do what’s really in the country’s interest. What’s happening in Brazil is not our problem, and all the pontificating agitation from our leftist elites is just part of the big lie they keep pushing.

God’s wrath on America is fully justified, and He has taken it very easy on us so far.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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