Filtering News

The basic question is: What would it take to prove the claim in a court of law?

Context is everything. The logic of news filtering rests firmly on the foundation of knowing your mission and calling in life. There are a great number of things that may affect you, but you aren’t empowered to do anything about them. Those items are passed into the contextual awareness. Your convictions will tell you when it really matters, but for the most part, you simply remain prepared for adapting to changes.

I recall the advice of a very wise Army NCO: Soldiers can sleep anywhere. That’s a symbol for the wider adaptation of basic living conditions. When you have no control over the conditions, you take what you can get and carry out the mission. You learn how to make the most of things by carrying just a little extra stuff you believe you’ll use, and sharpen your creativity in using that stuff.

So the first question is context, and the next step is deciding whether the story that confronts you is pertinent in that context. Today’s interesting material becomes tomorrows insignificant noise, and vice versa. Don’t second guess yourself; you already have too much information coming at you in the first place. You will most certainly miss things along the way while wasting time on trifles — such is human nature. It’s not about the product but the process. As long as you know your mission and are driven, things will work out. Own the decisions and do the best you can with what’s presented.

Second, always be aware that the folks making all the news-noise are hiding something. It’s not that you should worry, but simply don’t trust them. You can’t respond to the unknown, but know that these folks are trying to make decisions for you. You should build an outlook about what is normal in your world, and notice when something obvious is missing.

Example: You may have heard about the Yellow Vest protests in France. What you may not know is that they are still going on. Instead, the news folks are pushing the story about the protests in Hong Kong. And while neither story may matter to you, some folks do have a vested mission interest in what’s happening in France. The Yellow Vest protests have the potential for bringing down the French government altogether. And something like that can spread to other countries.

Now we come to the major point here: If the story matters to you, is the report plausible? You can bet the news folks are lying about some part of it. Another example: Israel bombing targets in Iraq. Does it occur to you the US government might be lying about this? It does sound like something Israel might do, but Israel lies about almost everything. You need to ask what would have to be included in this story to be plausible, because there is a lot missing. What elements of proof would have to appear in evidence to justify accepting this story? It turns out the most likely cause of any random ammo dump explosions in Iraq is the broiling summer heat and careless storage. Some ammo is marked with instructions to not expose it to heat above 100°F, and it’s hitting 120°F there.

Another element to consider: Cui bono (who benefits)? Israel needs her enemies to fear her ability to strike anywhere, anytime. And US military needs to keep her Iraqi allies calm, because they were blaming the US for the explosions, threatening to retaliate against American bases in Iraq. Blaming Israel is an easy out, but there’s too many elements missing to buy that story.

It’s not enough to be angry that the mainstream media is lying. Of course they are lying; that’s where the money is. This is typical human behavior, so take it for granted. Build good filters inside your head and watch out for things that speak to your mission and calling. Investigate when possible. Cultivate allies who may not even know they are helping you, as you seek more accurate analysis of what’s happening. It so happens that Moon of Alabama is a good source of skepticism and cynicism about such things, despite tilting to the left. As long as you are aware of such a tilt, you can filter it out, whether it be right/left/center — all of which are based on the wrong assumptions about reality in the first place.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Filtering News

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    The propaganda doesn’t work nearly as well when you know you’re being propagandized.


  2. Gunner Q says:

    “Example: You may have heard about the Yellow Vest protests in France. What you may not know is that they are still going on”

    Still? Viva la France! I’ve no idea how a disorganized protest has kept up this long but good for the Frenchmen!


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