Own the Solutions

As the billionaires flex their power to censor the Internet, our strategy is two-fold.

First is the issue of technology. They can hinder the masses, but they can’t stop everyone. More precisely, the cost of blocking the masses is relatively low, but as they start working against the increasingly tech savvy, the cost rises exponentially. We’ll be looking at that as time goes on.

Second is the philosophical issue. The masses tend to consume whatever comes easiest. Most people can be herded. The partisans among the masses will search a little harder, but they are still pursuing only an echo chamber. They are trapped in the resonance of popular thinking about everything. Thus, controlled opposition will continue to capture most of them to prevent branching off into something the elite really do want to hide.

Meanwhile, there are just a few out there who rise above that. These are folks who will do the work to research what’s actually happening, and report what they find without trying to invoke a mindless activism. A primary distinction is that controlled opposition provokes outrage and making noise, but the real deal tends to provide information you can incorporate in your daily life.

A second major feature of the latter real-deal outlets is that they tend to address things from a narrower range of interest, as opposed to trying to scoop in the masses. These real-deal folks openly profess a particular slant. Not in the sense of political spin, but it’s slanted to a particular audience with certain interests. This is how it’s supposed to be; you operate on a sense of calling and mission, seeking fairly specific information that addresses that.

There can be no one-size-fits-all approach to human life. That in itself is a false orientation, a huge and ugly lie. Don’t follow the path to dehumanization.

The key to learning your way around the Internet as a field of information is the kind of discernment that pulls you out of the masses. It’s aimed at actually doing something useful, instead of merely keeping you entertained and distracted. It’s very easy to get sucked into the enthusiasm of partisan rowdiness, but it requires conscious awareness on a higher level to keep an eye out for something that speaks to your soul.

The human intellect is incredibly arrogant, presuming it is capable of the most amazing high levels of reason, but it remains a sucker for mere sentiment, because it is utterly incapable of cutting itself off from the passions and desires inside of us. The claim to rational discipline is self-deception. Only by pushing your conscious awareness into the realm of the heart — your convictions — can you hope to discover a purpose and drive to wade through the crap.

You are the one who decides what you were made for, and you can’t get that answer from any outside source. You cannot reason your way there, only recognize it when reality exposes it to you. Yes, there is a place for mindless entertainment, but only if you learn not to take yourself too seriously. You have to recognize that part of yourself for what it is.

As long as this blog remains active, we will keep an eye on those two strategy issues noted at the top of this post. Technology will rise to meet the challenge; we need to pay attention only to the elements we can use to stay connected. It’s just a matter of means and method. Your actual mission in life is a philosophical question. The philosophical issue is a meta issue; what we need is to keep track of how to answer the question. The answers will always be unique to you in one way or another, so let’s not get bogged down in specific choices.

I’m not setting up the answers for you, but showing you how I got mine so you can work out your own solutions.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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