This Is Not a Debate Forum

This blog has stood more than a decade. While I must confess my writing will show how I’ve changed my understanding of reality, one thing has not changed: This blog was never meant to change the world. It has always been nothing more than me blathering about what’s on my mind, regardless of how others react to it. If you find any of it useful, steal all you can and make it your own. I’m still shaking my head in wonder that I have over a thousand subscribers.

I remain convinced that there isn’t much that separates this blog from being shut down by WordPress. That’s why I cloned the database and moved it to another blog under more independent hosting. However, this blog continues addressing computers and politics, while the other blog is more assertively religious in nature. That doesn’t mean I will hide my faith on this blog, but that the focus is more on implications of my faith in specific areas of interest.

My primary assumption is that this world is on a relentless course down to Hell. There is nothing any one human, or all of humanity together, can do to change that. The Creator has slated this realm of existence for destruction. My mission in life is to help a few souls prepare for what comes after that final end. Bluntly, my orientation is otherworldly. In regards to this world, I mostly try to stay out of the way. Things will go where they go; my job is to infiltrate for the sake of those my Lord plans to rescue.

That doesn’t mean I can’t suggest a better way for things to go, but my suggestions always rest on a set of assumptions that people in power have already rejected. If I share those suggestions, it is with no expectation that anyone involved will listen. Instead, I share them simply because it could help some of you to see what I see, just in case it seems to matter to you. Those ideas might help to illustrate a better orientation on the world to come. Still, all I’m doing is sharing what I see. If that works for you, let’s work together as much as we can.

Part of dodging disaster for us is recognizing things a lot of other folks don’t see. Think for a moment about this Jeffrey Epstein thing. He’s officially dead now, so the case against him should close. Yet more information keeps coming out in the press, keeping the story alive. People who claim to be fans of Trump seem to be celebrating it. But who brought this case in the first place?

It was a prosecutor in New York, a sworn enemy of Trump. The judge is another sworn enemy of Trump. Why would they do something that seems to favor him? Their whole existence right now is focused on destroying Trump. It’s more than just that kerfuffle that knocked Acosta out of his position in Trump’s cabinet. Acosta was the last prosecutor to go after Epstein and gave him a very sweet deal. That’s what is still leaking out, but that’s just filling the time between now and October when the election campaign begins in earnest. I feel pretty certain that team in NY bringing the case against Epstein have something they think will bring Trump down. Surely it would be something to do with Epstein’s notorious criminal existence.

But it’s not that simple. The issue with Trump is his kissing up to Zionists. We know that Epstein’s servant Maxwell is Mossad, and they are going after her. It’s no secret that a lot powerful people pretend to be nice to Zionists because that’s where the money and support is. However much the Democratic Party may be internally torn between left-wing Zionists and the anti-Zionists may be pretty murky, but somebody is using that mess as a front to rip a hole in Zionism here in the US. And much as I dislike Zionism, this thing makes me nervous in the sense there will likely be some very painful surprises that will affect all of us.

I don’t pretend to understand the whole picture, but I do know what my own sense of conviction demands of me. The only thing that makes me anywhere close to an activist is that I’ll fight to keep open the means to share my message. I don’t see it as a right, something I can leverage against those who seek to silence me. Nor is it likely they would target me individually (at least, not yet). It’s just a question of tactics: How do I keep the door open for this message burning in my soul?

If you actually like my writing, the issue is not donations. Those are useful, but they don’t solve the real problem. This blog has become rather like a burner phone that I can afford to lose, but not until it’s value has run out.

Let me say these again. One: The war is information, not bullets. But there will most certainly be bloodshed coming. Indeed, this country has gone down the wrong path so very far that it’s impossible to move in any direction, or even to stand still, without violence. It’s a given. Still, focus on the information war.

Two: The means for information warfare will have a lot to do with computer technology. You know those 20+ cities in Texas that were hit with ransomware, apparently all from a single source? And before that it was Baltimore and some other municipal governments in Florida? It’s just the first leak in a dam break that’s coming. This isn’t just Windows versus Mac versus Linux/Unix. It’s a whole range of things involving computer security, or rather, the lack thereof. There’s also a large number of corporate networks suffering attacks all the time. Private home computers and lots of small business networks will see a significant rise in the same kind of attacks all too soon.

Three: The economy is going to plunge, and then sometime later the US will break up into smaller countries. We are in for a long, rough ride right here in the US, never mind the turmoil in the rest of the world. It won’t be an apocalypse, but it will come close in some ways. It will most certainly be tribulation.

This is not a debate forum; it’s the public face of my diary. If you like it, take action to stay in touch. Otherwise, I’m quite happy to be ignored.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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  1. Insightful
    Good luck 🙂


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