Google: A New Form of Oppression

I suppose we can agree that Project Veritas is no different from the mainstream press in one sense: sensationalism sells. Any video can be edited to make an impression that is not inherent in the process they video-taped in the first place. Keeping this in mind, we can probably also agree that Project Veritas is certainly no worse than the mainstream media, but has a countering bias.

So while I don’t recommend their work that often, I find this particular video is probably worth your time. It explains quite clearly how Google seeks to manipulate and control the public debate about US government policy. Google is blatantly dishonest about it. They have every intention of monopolizing common web services in order to advance their secret agenda.

On the one hand, I remain utterly cynical about all politics. No significant good can come from the US government. The best we can hope for in our system is that government be relatively harmless. The real problem is not the actual political theories promoted by any of the participants, but a deeper moral evil of bringing humanity under a certain kind of control. I am referring to a kind of control that I am utterly convinced could not possibly work. It’s not enough that they lie to themselves about how nice it would all be if they could have their way; what they are doing is an assault on reality itself. What they are doing cannot be simply oppressive, but it will result in unnecessary chaos and pain for everyone, themselves included. Meanwhile, it guarantees that government can never be simply harmless.

Our only hope as individuals is not attempting to steer policy in any way, something this video makes quite clear if you pay attention. These people are elitist to the core; the only input is the internal loop of their own thinking in isolation from reality. You can do nothing at all to reach them. That is, unless you have the leverage to destroy their work, and we don’t have that. Even with all this evil agenda exposed like this, their only response is merely tactical, not strategic.

I note in passing the exchange between the interviewer and the anonymous Google insider about how to understand search trends and how the auto-suggestion function is very enlightening. It shows just how hard Google works to steer people.

So the one thing we can do is to make the most of our opportunities to be aware and to avoid being sucked into their traps. This is not a public boycott to influence the outcomes; this is your personal avoidance of their evil. We have to trust in a higher power for the eventual outcomes, but we do have in our hands the means to act on our own resolve. Nor is the issue one of privacy; that’s long gone. Rather, it’s not surrendering to their control. Climb out of the path of the flash-flood.

It is a bit of a struggle. Granted, Google is to some degree unavoidable. But don’t use anything Google without giving careful consideration to how it can warp your efforts. Don’t trust them with anything large; keep your involvement small and tentative. If you have a vested effort in using, say, Google Docs or Google Drive or Google Storage, be aware of how this can be a trap. As long as you are an anomaly in their mass program, you aren’t likely to help them that much. But if your involvement becomes large enough, due to the involvement of other individual users, then you risk drawing their attention.

Not so much in the sense of drawing the interest of human Google employees, but that of their demented AI. It’s not a question of how intelligent the AI is, but that it is programmed for something that is actively contrary to your best interest. It’s their definition of Machine Learning Fairness that is an assault on reality.

I don’t give a damn about Trump or who will sit in the Oval Office in the future. He is too compromised to matter. Events have already taken a very bad path and there is no turning back; the system is irreparably broken. If you hang any significant part of your dreams for the future on political outcomes, you are already lost. Some of us feel drawn to aspirations that don’t rest on the system, and we need to apply some conscious moral awareness to this part of the coming train wreck so that we aren’t pulled into it.

Be aware that corporate styled oppression can appear similar to previous brands of tyranny, but it will take off in totally new directions in how they arrive at the decisions and the abuses they use. In order to stay out of their way, we can’t just wave our hands at the differences. Even if you are oriented on political activism, the differences between all the other forms of oppression and what we see here uniquely will better inform how you fight back.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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