Nationalism versus Nationalism

We live in a Western world, and it is our duty to understand it. Otherwise, we cannot offer God’s antidote to the failures of Western Civilization.

Hear a principle of Biblical Law: Covenant trumps every other consideration. All Law Covenants assume that a covenant relationship takes precedence over DNA. Thus, Jesus said that God was able to raise up children of Abraham from the stones on the ground. It didn’t matter who got their DNA from Abraham; what mattered was commitment to the Covenant. The definition of “Israel” is “the Covenant Nation.” Embrace the Covenant and you were Israeli. Deny the Covenant and you were a Gentile, regardless of your DNA.

If you and I agree together to the Covenant of Radix Fidem, nothing else matters between us but that covenant identity. That’s how God sees it.

We know that Western minds are inclined to “propositional truth.” However, we also know that it is more honored by the violations than by adherence. But this concept is the starting point; so you can tell a Westerner is lying when they step away from it. There is quite an ongoing debate about the word “nationalism.” People are trying to twist it into all kinds of propaganda shapes to deceive each other.

In Western tradition, the root meaning of the word “nation” is a Latin term for “by birth.” It means you are part of a nation by being born into it, and it means people who share DNA. It comes from the idea of tribe. Nationalism is inherently “racist” or it means nothing.

But we are learning a Hebrew cast of mind, because Scripture stands on that frame of reference. In that frame of reference, a covenant trumps racial heritage for sure. Race doesn’t mean a thing if you genuinely embrace the covenant. It becomes your identity. And of course, you know that the Covenant of Radix Fidem is simply one implementation of Biblical Law, the Covenant of Christ. As with the Covenant of Moses, Radix Fidem is contextual. It’s our best understanding of what God demands of us now in this world.

Radix Fidem is a tiny covenant nation. We can be nationalists about our own identity in Christ. That’s how Heaven does things; it uses the literal to indicate the ineffable. Heavenly things defy words, so much of the Bible is written in the form of Hebrew parable. We can come close by using the term “figure of speech,” but the Hebrew language is itself symbolic — indicative, not descriptive. It is not abstract as the English language pretends it can be; Hebrew is experiential. It was alive and words could take on new meanings in a given context. The Hebrew people could say bluntly literal things, but the whole frame of reference gave greater weight to what could be expressed only in symbols.

So you and I are free to say that we can support nationalism and most people will realize what we mean by it. Mostly it means we are not collectivist, not globalist. The typical meaning is as close as this world can get to Biblical Law without actually embracing any of the covenants. We don’t have to put with it an emphasis on race, even if we know that’s what the word actually means. What really matters in God’s eyes is the cultural identity; the American identity is based on a culture that arose from the US Constitution and a certain philosophical orientation derived from the Enlightenment. There are people who will use the term as mere propaganda, a means to deceive. We aren’t trying to deceive people; we are adhering to common usage.

God supports this usage because it’s consistent with the nature of His revelation. His revelation requires you to reject the nit-picking legalism that infests Western Civilization. We are nationalist in a certain sense, but we reject Western culture.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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5 Responses to Nationalism versus Nationalism

  1. Iain says:

    I’m not a Nationalist by Gosh, No Sir, the bloated behemoth that is the United States needs to be divided into smaller, truly representative Republics. I want no part of the Left coast or the Damn Yankees. I’m sick of seeing Southerners being pissed on by those people, I’m sick of being ruled by elitists and living under the dictates of unelected judges and bureaucrats. I’m sick of being told who I am by what flag I fly. I’m tired of being told to shit on my ancestors because I’m white and Southern. Don’t these assholes know that people of African and European descent have lived, worked, ate, listened to the same music, the same Gospel for centuries. Slavery was a NATIONAL EVIL GODDAMMIT!!! Look at the black codes that were the Law in Mr Lincoln’s Illinois, the laws he SUPPORTED! I’m tired of outsiders polluting the minds, poisoning the hearts of Southern youth with lies and filth. I want something I can be nationalistic about! I can’t about the USA. I’m sorry you swore an oath to the US Constitution man, I truly am because as the first American Imperialist Alexander Hamilton said it’s a “frail and worthless fabric”. I’m a Nationalist for a new Southern Confederacy built on the unique culture that makes the South so damn great and worth dying for. If your Grandparents, parents and yourself were born here, you are one of us regardless of shade. Ya just gotta embrace it and defend it.
    I just don’t see anything that binds Americans, that existed prior to 1860. The “Civil” War changed These United States from a voluntary compact of several Sovereign States to The United State(s) One and indivisible. I cannot, in good conscience embrace that entity.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Well, in a round-about way of saying, my oath to the Constitution just about means the same thing you wrote. It does not commit me to the current government, nor the current condition of the US. The Constitution most certainly does permit secession, so Lincoln was wrong. In due time, the US is sure to break up, and I’ll gladly salute a new flag, particularly flying over the southern states. As I said, I use the Constitution as a tool against the folks who perverted it.

    But as for being nationalist: I said you could support any national identity you like. The current political trend toward American nationalism is most likely going to precipitate the break-up we all see is so desperately needed. That’s why it’s a good thing; it’s the best tool we got for what currently ails us. What comes after the mess is all the hard work we must be ready to do.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    It’s unfortunate that the nation-state model of government is the least globalist thing we have. States have literally taken over the world.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Yes, but it’s a trend we see clearly prophesied in Scripture, particularly John’s Revelation. It’s the inevitable impulse of government to centralize and displace faith.


  5. Iain says:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend so, for now I’ll join the “USA! USA!” crowd. There is cultural genocide being waged against the South and if it succeeds, who’s next? There is a video on YouTube “When the South was America by Donald Livingston” which shows that this cultural genocide has been around since the 1820’s at least. We are hard to kill.


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