Celibacy versus MGTOW

Don’t get confused here.

Let’s keep this clear: Western Civilization is doomed. It’s doomed because it institutionalizes the Fall. That is, Western Civ is hostile to the heart-led way, to the return to genuine faith. The vast bulk of Western Christians do not even understand the heart-led way, and those few who do understand it tend to reject it. That’s because the West has locked in trusting your intellect over divine revelation, which revelation works only in the heart, not in the head. This is the very nature of the Fall — rejecting heart-led reliance on conviction (AKA faith) and insisting on trusting one’s intellect.

But God is handling Western Civilization; it is not our enemy. Western people are not our enemies. Satan is our Enemy. His deception is our only threat; everything else is just background noise. More to the point, we can steal away his slaves by doing the one thing he cannot stop: living by faith in the heart-led way. If there is anything going to liberate people from Satan’s deception, it is us walking in our convictions.

And we are most certainly not allies of a bunch of folks who are consciously trying to destroy the West. Computers and the Internet was products of Western Civilization. Not everything about the West is hopelessly evil, so we use it as a tool that just happens to be available right now. We infiltrate Western institutions as a normal part of our Kingdom service and use what fits our divine mission and calling. So we do not participate in the destruction, but we stand ready to face it. And the folks who are destroying the West (collectivists: globalists, socialists, etc.) are most definitely servants of Satan. They actively seek to take away any room for our faith, whereas the fans of Western Civilization at least give us room to be what God called us to be.

Some of us are called to do things that may appear to help keep the West alive. That’s okay; we still know that God is crushing it. We are simply obeying Him in smaller issues along our path of service, while the wider collapse is inevitable.

We do not condemn people who simply give up and stop supporting the West. There are a significant number of people who have done that. They don’t support Western Civ, but they aren’t exactly trying to kill it any more than we are. They have simply opted out and go about their business as outsiders. They aren’t us, but they are out there. I’m referring specifically to MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way. The definitions vary and you should look up the term. It even has its own website that tries to sell the idea.

We can empathize with their anti-feminist stance, and the avoidance of activism, but they do suffer from a false lack of hope. Most men who are serving the Lord will need to build a family at some point. Doing so requires trusting God to lead you to the right woman. She may not be the greatest, but with His guidance you can likely avoid the fate of Hosea with Gomer. His calling was quite exceptional. But in the end, we belong to Christ, and the MGTOW idea of self-ownership goes too far. We are servants of God, and we are not our own.

We don’t hate MGTOW, but it can be quite hard to help them. If we don’t reach out to them, we have defied God. It’s the same as reaching out to anyone else in this world.

Celibacy is a different thing entirely; it’s mentioned in the Bible as a valid option, a possible calling from God. In some contexts, I have told people I was not just celibate, but asexual. This was in contexts where touching people was universally misconstrued, sometimes by policy. It could also be places where everyone is on the hunt, as it were, and there could be very few safe friendships. Some social contexts are just too crazy for me to be myself. Those were situations to be endured and then fled as soon as possible. But there are periods in the lives of good people of God when it’s best to simply stay out of the game altogether.

I can understand the reluctance to deal with Western females, too. That’s quite a chore most of the time. Still, the Lord provides for those who seek peace with Him, and there will always be a few women out there who aren’t suckers for the mainstream feminist lies. Depending on where you are geographically, you might find lots of decent women. But it means standing firm in your faith and trusting Him to lead you; He never fails. Be patient and do the necessary work.

I don’t agree that MGTOW is cowardice, as some Red Pill activists allege. However, it is most certainly a lack of faith in God and His promises.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Celibacy versus MGTOW

  1. Iain says:

    I thank God that I was thoroughly instructed in the practice of good manners. The benefits of manners are like a shield in WC, nothing draws a line like a well delivered Ma’am or Miss. It is a fact in today’s society that a real man, regardless of age, is attractive to women. The scarcity of manners these days means that even being formal draws the silliness out of young ladies. Frankly, I feel sorry for them but, hope is coming girls, my well mannered son is heading to college!


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Civility is just another word for God’s gift of revelation on how to live in a fallen world.


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