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I was wondering what would come next. I’ve discussed in the past various theoretical threats to this blog. I’ve tried to offer warnings and guidelines on how to handle it. For example, I’ve said that if this blog is ever shut down for any reason, the next most likely place you can find me is our Radix Fidem form. I don’t post as much there for now, but you should be aware it’s there and is our parish meeting place. And perhaps if WordPress decides they don’t want to host this blog any more, I may be able to move the domain and software to another server, but for now this is what works best.

But you should be aware that both the Zionists and the SJWs will eventually get around to putting pressure on our host to silence voices that make them uncomfortable. On the one hand, they may already be doing that and I don’t know it; on the other hand, I still doubt we have gotten their attention, yet. But if you’ve been reading the recent series, you know that I’ve written plenty that would offend them. Tomorrow’s post in the curriculum series will be the last, and it has something to offend them again. God’s truth is like that, and WordPress has cut off people I used to read.

Still, direct activist pressure through various institutions is one problem; government blundering is another. I just found out that the US government forced PayPal to make changes in how they handle money for us. The net result is that PayPal forces the issue with users who don’t have a bank account, or don’t want PayPal to have access to it — we can no longer hold money with PayPal. I can’t spend PayPal directly. I have to move it directly to my bank account, since I won’t give PayPal direct access to draw from that account. I just don’t trust them for that. But my point is that it also signals changes behind the scenes we may never be told. I doubt this is going to offer us better protection, but is likely to become another weapon our enemies can use against us. PayPal has been quite arbitrary about freezing accounts in the past few years, and that often means targeting folks like us.

You can keep donating to this ministry through PayPal until things change again, but I’m not likely to use PayPal to transmit money myself. That does cut me off from just a few conveniences, but it’s not deadly.

Finally, I want you to understand that I still believe it is the highest possible privilege I could hold to be your servant in the Lord. I pray daily to know how best I can perform the role I’ve been given. The greatest treasure of any person’s life is the people that love us.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Admin: PayPal and Stuff

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    That Paypal thing was a nightmare. Not so much for me, but for my daughter, who used it to take commission payments for art. She’s not old enough for an ID or anything like that, which was required to actually use Paypal with the new regulations. What a pain.


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