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Teachings of Christ — John 12:20-36

Prior to the coming of Christ, the path of redemption back to Eden was quite demanding. Even for Israel, it was pretty tough. It usually meant studying the Covenant of Moses and seeking God’s face until the light dawned inside … Continue reading

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DIY Glory Shine

Do it yourself; don’t trust outsiders. This is the watchword for our time. If you need to do a certain thing, make darned sure you cannot do it before you contract it out. Even if it’s actually cheaper and better … Continue reading

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Linux on HP Pavilion 590-p0044

First, perform due diligence. You need a Linux distro with a recent kernel to handle the Vega 11 graphics. I tested Ubuntu 19.04, Xubuntu 19.04 and OpenSUSE Leap 15.1. These three all handled it just fine, but Xubuntu was the … Continue reading

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Mercy in Vast Supply

Civility is the art of living with others while causing the least friction possible. It means not taking offense at every little thing, but employing patience and allowing people to be themselves as much as possible. By extension, we know … Continue reading

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Random Photos Late June 2019

Our drainage is really very good, so this portrays just how heavy the rains were a couple of weeks ago. During a period of just about 10-15 minutes, our street became a river. It’s a little difficult to see in … Continue reading

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Nationalism versus Nationalism

We live in a Western world, and it is our duty to understand it. Otherwise, we cannot offer God’s antidote to the failures of Western Civilization. Hear a principle of Biblical Law: Covenant trumps every other consideration. All Law Covenants … Continue reading

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Celibacy versus MGTOW

Don’t get confused here. Let’s keep this clear: Western Civilization is doomed. It’s doomed because it institutionalizes the Fall. That is, Western Civ is hostile to the heart-led way, to the return to genuine faith. The vast bulk of Western … Continue reading

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Economics of Neofeudalism

It’s not that centralization is inherently evil. It’s that centralizers never obey the fundamental moral character of Creation. Nobody centralizes out of concern for the welfare of the people; there is always — always — a hidden agenda to pad … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Commandos

The threat is very real. [I]n almost every regard, Silicon Valley is on board (or even to the left) of the Democratic party. Most entrepreneurs, the survey found, favor high taxes on the rich, generous social services for the poor, … Continue reading

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Addenda to the Bible Lesson

Ref: Teachings of Jesus: John 11:1-46 Let me drill down a little deeper into Jesus’ comment in verses 9-10. He said this as a parable about the Jews who threatened His life. Take a look at this translation (MKJV): Jesus … Continue reading

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