In the Lord’s Service

I am a soldier by divine calling. It’s not my vocation, but it does help to explain how I get things done. I tolerate conditions I can’t control and faithfully engage the mission.

Traditional pacifism is a lie. The Bible presumes no peace-making outside of the Covenants. Thus, the whole activist notion of promoting the end of military conflicts is not what Jesus taught at all. Everything He said about peace was as a consequence of submission to God under a Law Covenant. It’s not that He didn’t promote peace as a good thing, but that He clearly said there can be no expectation of peace outside of divine revelation. In this He echoes the very clear trend of Scripture ignored by most people, because peace among humans is simply not possible without first having peace with God. And God said peace with Him is not possible outside of submission to His lordship.

We who follow Jesus want peace. We also know that it is impossible on secular terms. We know beyond all doubt that warfare is essential to fallen human nature. No amount of wishing and harassing and governing will make humans peaceful; only God can do that. He won’t do that where He isn’t Lord. Only within the individual soul seeking Christ can genuine peace come to life. All other forms of apparent peace are the result of the most brutal, hateful oppression.

Some of us are soldiers by divine calling, and it’s our job to break things and kill people. That’s what soldiers do, though they do those things rightly only as protection for their own people. The nationalist sentiment is from God. If you cannot understand how the Tower of Babel narrative forbids imperial or global government, then you simply do not understand the Bible. The only way God will bless human government is when it is tribal covenant feudalism. No other form of government is approved by God.

So the only thing left for Christian troopers is the ethic of defending the people, and to hell with the government. We might agree to play along with government regulation and bureaucratic military discipline, but that’s just a means to some greater end. We cannot ever be true believers in the system, because there is no system that so much as acknowledges Biblical Law.

Thus, we tend to be true soldiers of the people, and real leaders who empathize with subordinates suffering the unjustified and often inexplicable oppressive nonsense coming down from our military leaders. Here in the US, in particular, it is widely known that the system has been hijacked and only uniformed politicians get promoted. Real leaders are permitted only in the lower ranks, and are driven out once they start shaking up the system.

Have you not seen how Gamma bullies are deciding what is best for the military? Recall that a Gamma Male is someone who lives in a fantasy world of things that never were real, and cannot ever be real. They love all kinds of rule-making and nit-picking silliness because that’s what Gammas do when they are in charge. It’s how they take control. They cannot compete on genuine manliness; they have no clue what makes men manly. So they make up goofy legalistic requirements that appear on paper like good order and discipline, but in reality is a system to stymie real men so the Gammas can win.

This is exactly what the Pharisees promoted. This was their system, a means for vengeful nerds to crush everyone who didn’t bow down to them slavishly. They only imagined that they were God’s favorites; Jesus made it clear they didn’t even know His Father.

This is far, far different from someone who develops procedures based on very real failures that most certainly can be prevented. It might be hard to explain to subordinates who lack the experience and perspective, but it can be explained when someone listens. Real leaders are always ready to explain from real-world experience. Press a Gamma into a corner and final answer is: That’s the way I like it. They have no real-world experience; all they have is delusion and fantasy.

But we real soldiers put up with this crap because it’s the only way we can defend the people, and sometimes we have to defend them from the Gammas who delight in tormenting others. As our US system of government grinds to a halt, it’s getting closer to the moment when the real soldiers will show themselves.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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  1. Iain says:



  2. forrealone says:

    And I, if I am so blessed, shall gather the frightened ones up into my arms and carry them to that safe and secret place where His Love, Glory and Comfort dwell.


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