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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:13-20

When the members of the Sanhedrin brought before Jesus the woman caught in adultery, they weren’t the only critics around. After the accusers all left, there were still several Pharisees observing this whole scene. After Jesus turned and told His … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Heart Led

This becomes a point of theology simply because Western Christians ignore it, or are hostile to it. The essence of the Fall was choosing human reason over faith. Human reason and intellect is inherently hostile to genuine faith. To then … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Evangelism

We seek and keep shalom. We live by the Covenant and shalom is the whole point. It’s more than just the blessings granted to obedience; it is obedience itself. Biblical Law is its own reward. It is harmony with reality. … Continue reading

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