Patient Heart, Clear Head

An offline discussion inspires me to write a review of some things.

There are, in fact, more conspiracies than you can shake a stick at; most theories about conspiracies have major flaws. Too often they are based on false assumptions. And most conspirators are involved in more than one conspiracy, sometimes playing both sides against each other.

Once more: There is no single diabolical group seeking to take over the world. There are at least a half-dozen who want to do so, but none of them are capable. The Lord made it painfully clear that He would never permit any one-world government to arise (Tower of Babel narrative) until very near the end of this world. We aren’t there yet; too many indicators are missing.

Where we are is the end of another civilization. We can already see the whole thing collapsing in upon itself, rotten to the core. It will take a long time, and things will be painfully messy for quite a while. It will get worse than it is now, but it will not be an apocalypse. Close, maybe, but not a full apocalypse — God has relented on that.

There is no single group or agency capable of ruling or doing everything they want. There are some that do manage to get away with an awful lot. Members of the CIA killed JFK and RFK, and quite a few other people, but even the biggest part of the CIA isn’t fully aware of that, much less the details of how it was done. And the CIA couldn’t have done it alone; it required the help of affiliates in other agencies and groups. Some of those groups still don’t know the whole story because it was just a few key individuals involved. But those two assassinations, along with a few others, were the start of something we didn’t have before that time, with the CIA gaining the authority to block certain political shifts in the US.

But a lot of stuff blamed on the CIA isn’t their doing. Same with most other clandestine agencies and groups out there. Inevitably, not a single clandestine group has clean hands; there are no good guys. It doesn’t matter how you evaluate the morality of such things; stuff is kept secret because the citizens believe that stuff is evil. It won’t matter what excuse the actors make up for it. From our covenant perspective, they are all bathed in evil, including the conspirators and the citizens from whom they are hiding stuff. A better question is not who has clean hands, but what kind and what level of dirt is on them.

So my point here is to help you throw away the silliness of thinking there is a simple explanation for most criminal conspiracies. As I said, most of the theories are based on false assumptions, and pull in just a portion of the facts in the first place. Just about everything reported in the media is, on one level or another, bullshit. It might be accurate in one way, but totally ignores what really matters in other ways. They are trying to get you to believe anything except the truth.

The problem is that we need to have some discernment about what most people around us believe. Not what they say they believe, but what they reveal by their actions. We can establish a reasonable profile of what kinds of things they will likely believe and predict their actions. We need to predict their actions; we need to be aware of how the common craziness affects people around us. We need to see how the interplay between a lying government, a lying media, lying activists, and a cynical but benighted public produces certain typical results.

Jesus suggested it’s a good thing to recognize the signs of the times. The madness of both mankind and the natural world is perfectly normal for this time. Don’t be shocked by what happens; your heart knows enough to help you prepare. Handle it with aplomb.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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