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Theology and Practice: Christmas

Shall we celebrate Christmas? Short answer: It is not so much as mentioned anywhere in the Bible. The Hebrew people did not celebrate birthdays. The individual and immediate family kept track, but had nothing like the mental image we have … Continue reading

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A Little More on Covenants

The context for this is my post on atonement and some comments and reactions (see the previous post). Review: Creation/reality is inherently feudal. It is feudal in the sense of what “feudal” meant in the Ancient Near East (ANE). This … Continue reading

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Project: Theological Topics

Ask questions, because I can’t possibly think of everything by myself. I sense the leading of the Lord to address some of the major theological topics commonly discussed among Western Christians. Look for titles that start with “Theology and Practice.” … Continue reading

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Doctrine of Atonement

This is a major point of conflict between the Western and Eastern Christian traditions. The Western view is based on tribal Germanic mythology, which bears an inherently vindictive and punitive view of God’s wrath. The image of God that arises … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:1-12

Personally, I suspect John was like any other writer, in that sometimes he published something only to wish later he had remembered to include something important. In some English translations you will find marginal notes or footnotes indicating that this … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Adventure: Upgrade from Win7

Today I performed my first hands-on upgrade of a client’s Win7 machine to Win10. Most of the time it should just adopt the Win7 license, but this one was hacked, so it required a new key. It was about $2 … Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is used two different ways in the Bible. On the one hand, it’s obvious that you should learn to tolerate human failure. That whole business of “seven times seven” Jesus taught has to do with moving away from the … Continue reading

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It Changes Nothing

This is fiction based on a dream I had. Let me tell you about something that happened on my last job. I was hired by some guy who had a defense contract to manage supplies related to some obscure piece … Continue reading

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Divine Presence in Biblical Law

Biblical Law is its own reward. We need to understand that shalom is both requirement and reward. We need to keep before our eyes how Biblical Law is the character of Christ. We should desire it by reflex as the … Continue reading

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Resurrection Sunday 2019

At least as early as His baptism, Jesus was fully conscious of the Cross ahead of Him. It was quite some struggle to make sure the Twelve were ready to carry the burden after He was gone. Recent events remind … Continue reading

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