Just an Artifact

This is a good point to remind everyone that Vox’s hierarchy of males in his Red Pill lore is nothing more than an artifact of Western Civilization. It reflects the reality of Western society. It’s purely contextual, not the way God made things. If we are going to help people escape this badly perverted social framework, we have to understand how it works and how it holds people in prison. It turns out that some of the Red Pill stuff is consistent with Scripture, so doing what elevates you in Western society will put in a place to leave it all behind.

The ultimate goal is not referencing society, but referencing divine revelation. You need to become whomever God made you to be. That’s a long journey for anyone starting out in Western Civilization. If you broke free from social constraints already, then the guidance is quite different. There are precious few people with the drive to rise up out of the social matrix, to defy convention and follow your convictions. The point in referring to “Gradating Gamma” was to find the shortest escape route for the majority of folks who know they are called to something different, but have no idea how to get out the matrix. We aren’t promoting the matrix, only trying to understand it.

You have to beat the matrix to escape it. It’s just an artifact of the thing we seek to leave behind.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Just an Artifact

  1. Jed Mask says:

    Graceful summation elder Bro. Ed.

    I have to say though that Mr. Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchy is actually accurately “pin-point” to the real human social reality.

    This is how I’ve witnessed the “human male system” working. It’s just true.

    Anyways, as you say the most important thing for those who indeed KNOW THE LORD is to BECOME WHO GOD WANTS US TO BE. That’s it.

    As long as the Lord “tarries” from the Rapture we’re still in this world and have to “play the game” of this world yet by the Word of God.

    God’s Ultimate Reality is to come but right now every believer should all start by asking themselves I prayer this question: “Father God, please teach me who YOU want ME to be…” and so on and so forth.

    Nice, pithy conclusion.

    Time to IMPLEMENT!

    ~ Bro. Jed


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