An Elaborate Facade

Socialism (and/or communism) seeks to secure the material blessings of tribal living, but without the deep moral commitments necessary to make it all work.

Granted, you can still have a tribal society with the same corruption and oppression that we see in any Western democratic context. But it’s simply impossible to obey Biblical Law, and secure God’s blessings, without a tribal social structure. We know that a solid, heart-led tribal community will share on a level that is impossible in any other setting. The sharing will sweep in the material resources along with all the other things families do to pull together against the threats of a fallen world.

However, socialism is based on the assumptions of Germanic tribal feudalism, a harsh and dehumanizing outlook. It’s based on the gloomy outlook we see in Beowulf. It rejects the warmth of Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) nomad shepherd sheikh societies with their radically different positive outlook. It’s not that ANE folks never suffered depression, but that the basic assumptions about human existence were so completely counter to what we see in the West.

Western mythology assumes that the world is hostile, and that anything you can’t detect directly with your five senses is dangerous and spooky. Anyone who monkeys with the unseen realm is morally compromised from the start. This is exactly opposite of the ANE outlook, which trusts nature implicitly and is more worried about fellow humans and their evil. The unseen realm is the true reality, and our mundane existence is largely deceptive.

So the Western brand of collectivism is a very sour and materialistic world. It assumes people are either good and needing only some kind of enlightenment, or they are insane and can’t be helped. There is no room for seeing things in a different light. Thus, socialism only seems to work at all when the society is fairly homogeneous. It requires a very strong sense of community identity that celebrates diversity on a very shallow level, and within a very narrow range of ideas and expectations. Diversity is confined to mere affectations.

The ANE collectivism has no pretense of diversity, yet makes more room for genuine individuality. It holds sacred the value of family kinship and elevates the necessity of living together to a far higher threshold of tolerance. There is no threat from wide-ranging individuality, because government remains in the hands of the head of household, the shepherd of the community. It’s not that the rest of the family have no input, but it’s all based on genuine family affinity. Authority is burdensome duty, typically vested through a combination of heredity and consensus, and ambition is suspicious.

Western socialism bears the seeds of its own destruction. Because of its false assumptions about human nature, it denies what is blatantly obvious: Nobody wants authority unless they intend to plunder or oppress. Ambition is admired, even while giving lip service to the image of what a heavy burden it is. There’s a false sacred image of self-sacrifice to provide cover for greed. In the ANE, psychopathic rulers are random and rare; in Western socialism, psychopaths congregate in power structures because good people don’t want such power.

Socialism is inherent in the US system. In current American politics, good morals in government are the exception. The bureaucracy draws people who cannot make it in a competitive marketplace. Only a few very talented individuals are drawn to noncompetitive positions if they agree to promote government prerogatives. This is all done under the false and very sacred veneer of “public interest.”

We don’t have two competing theoretical approaches to government and economics; it’s all socialism. There is a false pretense of debate and competition between fundamentally different approaches, but the real competition is over which group will be allowed to plunder. Their policy differences reflect their underlying methods and targets for pillage and rape. For us, the only real difference is which plundering group is a bigger threat to our service of Christ. Because our religion is outside the mainstream, we do not share the mainstream religious mythology regarding which plundering wretched group we favor. However, there is a superficial overlap between us and them.

There have always been more than just two teams; the current two-party system is a mere propaganda cover. We are currently in a situation where one of many “third party” groups is making their presence felt. This disruption has shaken things loose enough that other “third party” groups have shown their faces. The situation is complex and messy. A major source of threat to us comes from the “democratic socialist” movement that has put fresh faces in power around the country. Their delusions about what is actually possible in our fragile system are dangerous. If they begin to flex policy muscle in government, the system will shatter far more quickly than it would in their absence.

In the process, they will seek to silence us officially and force us underground. It’s not so much a direct antagonism, but that they will sweep us into a much broader target group they despise. Their hatred is fired by an idolatrous fervor. They are the epitome, the very worst of what could come from Western mythology. They are the last dying gasp of Western Civilization, and it’s repulsive beyond words. Their aging leadership failed to seize the pinnacle of power, so we now contend with an outbreak of idealistic lackeys who will seek the same control through other means. This is why we will have tribulation instead of apocalypse.

We must cling to the truth of God, in particular our assertion of the covenant tribal nation as the only means God granted for human association. This is how Creation is designed, so the whole universe is with us and will support us. The lies of our current human government will devour them soon enough. Stay faithful to His Word. Satan will guide them to come after us using whatever motivation works with them, but we can withstand his schemes.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to An Elaborate Facade

  1. Iain says:

    Amen..we must gird our loins for what’s coming..the new left is gunning for the so called Christian Right and we’ll get lumped in with them.


  2. forrealone says:

    Stay faithful to His Word. Satan will guide them to come after us using whatever motivation works with them, but we can withstand his schemes.

    Amen brothers, as the Lord spoke to Joshua (1:9) – “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Hallelujah!


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