You Know the Drill

This is not so difficult to understand; all I’m doing is voicing what most of you already know.

If you’ve read much history at all, you know that Western Civilization is the result of Germanic tribal hordes conquering the last vestiges of Greco-Roman Civilization. It’s the rationalist approach of the ancients with a distinctly materialistic mythology from the Germans. How do I explain a mythology that is both deeply materialistic and worships youth, but still holds the craziest superstitions? The result was the European Middle Ages. The official church helped to steer this thing by compromising what was left of their biblical outlook with the bogus morals of Germanic mythology. The Church recast some elements of theology in terms of the tribal epistemology and rewrote the gospel to match.

So Western Civilization is a very ugly bastardization of badly misguided spooky mythology under a veneer of materialistic logic and reason. It’s by far the most hideous and Satanic civilization in human history up to now. It has introduced the most damning dumbing down of human thinking by attacking divine revelation in every way possible. It’s a miracle God can get through to anyone, yet He does, and it comes at great cost to the individual having to nail so many things to the Cross that you wonder if there are enough nails in the world.

Running in the background of the biblical narrative is something that was plainly stated in Genesis 3:16, but is often poorly translated into English. Properly stated, the curse on Eve — as the symbol of womanhood — is that she would be given a natural instinct for love-hate with manhood. She would desire the man and desire to dominate him, but he would always be able rule when it mattered to him. This is not how we are designed, but is a part of the Curse of the Fall.

Patriarchy is not a part of the Curse, but how it plays out is. Instead of the caring shepherd watching over his living treasure, the man is a distracted lazy bum who can dominate only when he gets off his ass. Because he’s reluctant to take the moral leadership and invest the constant watchfulness of the shepherd, he will suffer the nagging misguided leadership of his woman on lots of things wherein she is incompetent by God’s design. Thus, she will neglect those things at which she excels, and between the two of them, society can never know shalom.

Throughout the biblical narrative, we then see the constant threat from the Bitch Goddess (example: Zechariah 5:5-11*). It was represented by the Canaanite fertility cult of Astarte, but was recognized as having roots in Mesopotamia in particular, though is also noted in Egypt. It really doesn’t matter what the actual deities were supposed to be nor the proper mythology; the Astarte idols became the excuse for the Devil to get women to secretly lust for control.

Well, it’s no surprise that same Bitch Goddess stuff shows up in Germanic mythology. Wherever the Devil has held sway over darkened moral souls, a consistent element is the presence of the Bitch Goddess in one form or another. It’s not fundamental womanhood; it’s Eve under the Curse of the Fall. It’s the debased flower of femininity erupting like a volcanic sewer, and the Devil loves it.

Here in America the problem is that we have this long tradition of Anglo-American paganized Churchianity. On top of this is a long tradition of treating the State as god, something distinctly Germanic. At least the Greco-Romans didn’t take government so seriously, but the Germanic tribal mythology has deeply corrupted our understanding of what was already a problematic rejection of revelation.

So we have the combined Satanic lie that women should be in control of society, empowered by a false reverence for the State. Given the near universal ignorance of genuine biblical moral reasoning, this means that bloody conflict is inevitable. The pendulum will swing back and forth between lazy-assed patriarchal harshness with venomous vengeful feminist oppression. Right now we are seeing the Bitch Goddess raise her head afresh.

At some point you should expect traditional manhood to reassert itself very late in the game. And because men won’t do it right by taking a shepherd-like command early on, by the time they can’t take any more feminist crap, it will require a violent outburst. That’s because feminists will not hesitate to use the bloody sword of government. Men typically underestimate the contemptuous spite that drives feminists. It’s burned into our culture that men imagine reason will win the game.

Neither side in this back and forth will ever listen to revelation. That’s precluded by the culture itself. A few rare individuals will be moved by the Spirit and restored to sanity, seeking God’s original design. We will endeavor to search and teach that ancient legacy. But what we should expect is that the collectivist urges of the fertility cult of the Bitch Goddess will result in a godawful oppressive mess for a short time. It will be intense, but because it is based on delusion, it will fail. When it does, it will unleash a crushing wave of counter-violence. And where it goes from there is anybody’s guess, because once the patriarchs have won, they have no idea how to proceed, and will quickly drift back into smug laziness again.

All we can do is offer the sanity of the biblical model and wait for the Lord to get people’s attention.

* The vision Zechariah reveals here was meant to convey a condemnation of Israel for their commerce and trafficking (“going forth”) in moral violations of the Covenant. The ephah is a large clay pot used for storing and shipping grain, among other things. They find a woman inside that the angel calls “Wickedness,” that business of the Bitch Goddess, the market demand for things that should not be. The angel quickly shoves this harlot back into the pot and slaps the lid back on. You notice he describes how good women of virtue will mount up on wings of faith and take this idol back where it came from, the Land of Shinar, a name for the plains in central Mesopotamia. Let it stay there, the angel says, and let Israel stop worshiping this thing.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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