What the Election Results Mean

I’m preparing for the worst; that’s my initial reaction. I can’t pretend I speak for you, but this is what’s in my heart this morning.

As before, we have no dog in this fight. That the Democrats now have a majority in the House doesn’t change the final outcome. God’s wrath is still falling on the US, and I am convinced the globalists will be crushed in the near term. What this means is that there will be more drama and bloodshed in the process than if the Republicans had retained control.

Keep in mind that the issue is not Democrats versus Republicans. It’s about the globalists who have some limited control over the Democratic Party. They are the target of the long-term plan among our military leaders who have already made it clear that they will reluctantly take violent action if things go too far. They already came close to a military coup a few years ago. Their resolve has not evaporated; there are a whole range of lesser actions they can take.

But the globalists are willing to burn the whole thing down, and take down the Democrats and the whole country with them. They had already planned to destroy the US for the sake of their drive to take over the whole world. They are deeply insulted at how their plan has been frustrated thus far. Very few people see this with any degree of clarity.

The take away for me is to wait and see what they will do next. I’ll be really surprised if the Democrats play this smart. They will be all sassy and confrontational more now than ever. It will be all about asserting force rather than using their position to salvage things before it gets destroyed. Were they really concerned with the future of their party, they would have thrown the globalists out and stuck with trying to take what leverage they have to shape policy. Instead, I fully expect them to make the most egregious and senseless demands against Trump personally, and that’s the wrong way to go.

This is the one path most likely to provoke armed right-wing vigilantes to action. While I don’t pretend to know what the breaking point is for such a response, I do know the provocations will ratchet upward and I feel certain we will see it go there. But there is enough hatred and resolve to see violence from both sides.

Thus, my take away is to be watchful. I had been praying for a more orderly path, but it’s now clear that our Father has decreed a messy end for the US. It won’t matter if there was vote fraud. Every little issue will become an excuse for fighting. It was never a question of who was right or wrong, but the refusal to negotiate realistically.

Let your cleansing wrath fall, O Lord, and start with me.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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