A Little More Clarity on Politics

I’ve gotten some offline queries that suggest I need to restate some things for the sake of clarity.

Immigration is not a left-right issue. Immigration is a globalist-nationalist debate. The globalists want to destroy every national government in the world. They are particularly interested in destroying the West. Their reasons for doing so have no relation to my complaints about the moral failures of Western Civilization. The globalists are plotting to restore a Tower of Babel situation where a tiny handful of elite rulers control every aspect of human existence. In every sense of the term, it is a Satanic plot to enslave the whole world.

To achieve this goal, they had planned on using one or more nuclear weapons that are not under proper military control. The details are a little fuzzy, but it appears at least one such weapon was supposed to be used here in the US in a false flag operation that would be blamed on Russia. The globalists had similar plans in other countries, all aimed at provoking a limited nuclear exchange that would destroy major cities across the West. The ensuing chaos was supposed to be an opportunity for criminal gangs among restive immigrant populations to fracture the system of government in multiple western countries. These criminal gangs are already defacto mercenaries for the globalists, already operating with some degree of loyalty to their paymasters.

So this whole social justice nonsense is something that has been forced into the leftist agenda. The SJWs are the cannon fodder for the globalists. At the appropriate moment, they would have all been thrown under the bus, as would the immigrant gangs. The point has always been to destroy the current systems because the globalists have learned that they cannot hijack them. They have tried, but it never quite worked as planned; people just didn’t buy into the propaganda deeply enough.

So Soros and his gang are paying this giant mob of Central Americans to invade the US precisely to create chaos and destroy the system of government. The more of them there are here, the less they will assimilate and the more likely they will demand changes that destroy the system. It doesn’t matter that you and I don’t like the system either. These globalists are offering a worse system, not the better one we see in Biblical Law.

Get used to the idea that revelation tells us how it ought to be, and revelation also tells us that humanity at large will never do what they ought. So this intentional destruction of the system is not a good thing; it’s worse than preserving the system we have had. By any means necessary, including the mass slaughter of Americans, they are determined to have it their way. It’s the same in every country in the West — they are determined to kill as many ordinary people as necessary for them to seize power.

They still have control over some nukes and other weapons of mass destruction. Granted, the military leadership of the US are no angels in our eyes, but we should be glad if they can eventually identify the agents throughout their own ranks and within the rest of the federal bureaucracy who belong to this globalist cabal and remove them from power. They are also trying to locate those mass destruction weapons.

Somewhere down the road after this, we will have to deal with the results of Trump and the military taking down the globalists. With globalists out of the way, the imperialist/Zionist agenda will take over the US government — such as that government may be at that point. In the long run, this will also fail, but that’s not close enough to worry about right now. Even with them in control, we will not get rid of leftist policies, since they use them, as well.

The issue with left versus right is not about destroying civilization. Whatever it is we can identify as communism is really a mask for the globalists. It won’t matter whether you call it communist or Progressive; it’s basically the same destructive agenda behind the globalists. Left versus right is merely the debate about relative economic liberty, along with the various implications. Left means less economic freedom and more government control. Don’t confuse that with communism, because communism is all about less personal liberty, as well, which is separate from economic policy. Social control over behavior is one thing; government control by law is another issue entirely. There is some natural overlap, but the issues arising from the debate over economic liberty are not the same as the debate over personal liberty.

Western lefties (“liberals”) want more personal freedom and less economic freedom. The business of controlling both is globalist/communist doctrine. Western righties (“conservatives”) want more economic liberty and prefer the government support social controls over personal liberty. It’s all about that materialistic middle-class society. Libertarians claim to want no government restrictions on either economic or personal liberty — the less government, the better.

You’ll notice that almost nobody represents any purity of doctrine on any of these positions. While quite a few folks say they hold these positions, they don’t actually invest much effort and resources in them. Instead, these various labels are used as fronts for corruption and personal enrichment. The globalists are the only real fanatics here, with true believers using their personal wealth to promote their agenda. There are surely cynical elements of expecting to profit in the long run, but their devotion to idolatry is quite obvious.

It’s quite possible that the apparent election victory in the House of Representative for Democrats will be short lived. For one thing, there are still two months before the new congress is sworn in. Trump and INSCOM have been working together spying on their enemies, and there could easily be a wave of indictments. But if this whole month passes with no evidence of such indictments, then everyone following Q has been a fool. And then it falls to vigilantes to fight against a resurgent globalist agenda, and things will get very messy, because the vigilantes are not organized and not working together except in multiple tiny fractured groups.

Thus, I hope Trump and Q aren’t so impotent as it might seem to some. There will be a lot less bloodshed if they can keep their promise. We still have to clean up the mess of urban gangs under globalist protection, with all the drug and human trafficking that comes with them.

Addenda: The idea that communism is “government by the proletariat” is bullshit. It’s the mythology wrapped around the truth that one elite group is seizing control and property from another. In order to have government, you must have an armed force ready to compel obedience with violence. For an armed force to be effective, it must be organized. Organization means there is a leader giving commands to others. The moment you have a leader, that person is defacto no longer a prole. They are simply another kind of bourgeois owner-in-effect with a different constituency.

Only on very small scales can you expect to find records of altruistic leaders in communist organizations. Given the fundamental materialistic doctrine in communism, it is inevitable that all communist leaders are corrupt. So “communism” in the real world always means simply government control over everything in the interest of economics.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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3 Responses to A Little More Clarity on Politics

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  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    I often think about what lefty stuff would look like in the U.S. without all the artificial support. Surely only a handful of folks would be drawn to it in that scenario.

    Similarly, it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of activist types on the right that financially support their side. Or they just don’t have the level of wealth or elitism the left enjoys.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Leftism is an attempt to recreate the tribal atmosphere of care and responsibility, but without the necessary tribal identity. It tries to make the state your tribe, which never works without extraordinary effort. Righties assume the tribe is evil, that everyone should be forced to stand on their own. There is some big money on the right, but supporting it means something quite different. Righties keep their position by the power of social influence and the obviously better economic system. It’s the classic rules-bound middle class materialism, and it tends to work quite well by merely occupying the default position in everyone’s assumptions. The left is more feminist. The honest truth is that the masculine position of the right is inherently organized already, while the leftist position takes coddling and prodding to stay organized, and still comes apart with great ease.


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