We Are Babylon

Tomorrow’s election will change nothing.

Just a reminder, the issue behind whatever folks mean by the word “racism” isn’t really a matter of DNA. Whatever human hostility is there arises from cultural differences. The differences in daily expectations we all hold forth for our fellow humans is what evokes the spiteful interactions. Any difference in physical appearance is just the excuse, the standard marker for folks who don’t accept the same body of moral values.

Further, the differences between various cultures within a society typically arise from multiple sets of differences. Within every basic culture, there is also a separate overlay of class distinction. And then each new generation comes up with their own take on what constitutes “good versus evil” within the boundaries of a broad sense of civilizational identity.

The real problem is the pretense that those within a given political border should somehow just magically hold the same value system, regardless where all the various folk in the population came from. It’s this pretense that there should be a monolithic baseline that allows for the current violent political fracas. Each side pretends their values are the norm, and everyone else is being evil on purpose out of sheer perversity.

The American system of government presumes a single culture. It is essentially Enlightenment Anglo-Saxon. If you don’t happen to subscribe to that culture, politics will be awful. The system wasn’t designed to accommodate much variation. Once you mix in other cultural orientations, the system breaks down. The expectations are distinctly mono-cultural. It has never worked, since from earliest times we have had colonies with significant variations in what folks consider civilized behavior. On top of that, each of these cultures also had their own unique class structure with varying expectations. Thus, our Founding Fathers and their political rhetoric in devising a system of government was loaded with pretense and ideals that they should have known would not work.

The ancient empires had better ideas about such things. Emperors would typically leave the conquered peoples to their own devices about most things, even to the point of simply forcing the existing rulers to submit. It was mostly a matter of tribute/taxation and a forced alliance to support the interests of the ruling nation. The emperor typically established a baseline of expectations that were calculated not to interfere with how the conquered nations lived their lives in the past, except for draining off a little wealth and manpower for continued conquest.

This was the spirit of what God was demanding at the Tower of Babel. He was saying, “Go. Scatter across the surface of the earth and develop your own little nations and cultures.” Large political unions would be tolerated only insofar as they recognized the necessity of highly varied cultures. Each tribe was its own nation, it’s own common sphere of cultural development, and they were supposed vary some based on their adjustments to living in some particular terrain.

The US is not a nation by any sane definition. Within any given metropolitan area you’ll find multiple cultures forced to coexist and the situation is not at all optimal. There is some bogus underlying assumption that a common set of laws can govern this mixed mass of divergent human expectations. Worse, there is this Satanic assumption that such government can descend down into very detailed expectations, on a very intrusive level. Our Creator says this is evil in itself.

The USA is coming apart because it was never together. That was only something asserted from a wild mythology and self-deception. Our peak is long past, and what we see today is the wrath of God destroying what little structure we may once have imagined could exist. Because the people of the US persist in this oppressive false belief in everyone being forced to live by one cultural standard, God is judging us harshly. We were never one nation, and certainly had no idea who God is.

It won’t matter which side wins what tomorrow; there will be rising political violence because we don’t speak the same language.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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