Recognizing the Need for Redemption

The number one problem with life in this world is that we are fallen beings. Anyone with half a brain can look around and see that this world is broken. The problem is that our broken nature prevents us seeing the real problem. All we know for sure is that we aren’t happy, and we have something inside us driving us to seek a solution. All the solutions are bogus, because they arise from a false and broken perception.

The only answer is God’s revelation of the problem and His solution: Biblical Law, as expressed in the life and teaching of His Son, Jesus Christ. Every other proposed solution is guaranteed to fail. That’s in part because without His solution, one cannot even understand where they are and what could possibly help. In other words, all other solutions are inconsistent with reality. Those other answers appear to work for awhile, but they are fundamentally flawed.

Granted, an awful lot of the discussion about those other, failed solutions does include bits and pieces of brilliant insight. God is merciful and grants enough light to every human to know they need His revelation, but He does not force the recognition on them. So they misuse that insight without ever bowing the knee to Him and never seeing the whole story.

The Son of God came to earth as the Messiah of His people. The problem was not the people, but with their failed perception of things. In other words, the problem is Judaism, not the people. As long as they think of themselves as Jews, they serve Judaism. And of course, we have to notice that Zionism is just an extension of Judaism, but even more idiotic. The fundamental flaw of Judaism is it pulls down everything into the human sphere and denies the mystical truth. In particular, Judaism denies the Fall, in effect if not in doctrine.

Most of the world can see that this creates a serious problem. Jews assume fundamentally that they are the only real humans, and that all Gentiles are something less than human. It’s there, inherent in their basic orientation on life, regardless of any conscious awareness. So their unreasoned assumption is that the Gentile world owes them. The norm they attempt to restore is dominance over Gentiles. Anything less is antisemitism.

Jesus called them the Synagogue of Satan (speaking to John in the Revelation). They rejected their own Covenant Messiah, but refused to disband. Having rejected the Covenant that gave them their national identity, they were adopted by Satan. He is now their deity, even though they keep calling him by the name of the God they rejected. But they are devoted servants of Satan, and his special people in this world.

Still, they remain closer to Biblical Law than Gentiles. That’s the diabolical truth: They could have everything they claim to want, and more, if they would just embrace their Messiah. He was theirs first. But as long as they refuse, they are paradoxically farther away than clueless Gentiles. In that odd sense, they are both better and worse off than the rest of the world.

We have been grafted into that holy vine and it makes our lives fruitful. We have been granted some insight into Biblical Law and we have all the blessings the Jews rejected. The answer to human sorrow is the heart-led way of following their Messiah, who has become everyone’s Savior. It’s a mystical life, a rejection of the inherent lie of this world. It is necessarily otherworldly. If you aren’t a mystic, you are doomed to chasing after the wind, both Jews and Gentiles.

Right now, the Jews have a gripe with the world, and the world has a gripe with them. Honestly, most of this world’s gripe with them is at least partly valid. They were supposed to lead us into God’s truth, but rejected it for themselves, and actively try to keep us from getting it. Over the centuries Jews have engaged in some very deep and savvy deception to keep any of us from truly finding Christ. That’s their duty in serving Satan, though it usually looks like serving the false idol, Mammon. They are materialistic to the core. Their alleged mysticism is aimed at a worldly material result.

We aren’t going to be sucked into fighting them for the turf they believe they want. Let them have it; there’s no value in shadows and mist. That’s all you’ll have if you seek worldly political power. And God has shown repeatedly in history that it will never last; see the Tower of Babel. If there’s anyone doing the work of Sisyphus, it’s the Jews. And it’s the same with any other agency that seeks to rule empires. They are all inherent violations of reality.

Nazism (as a political force) arose in response to a very real problem with Jews declaring economic warfare on Germany, but it was the wrong response. There’s nothing to gain by their methods and aims, though the inherent problem of Judaism serving Satan is still plaguing us today. Globalism won’t solve anything, because it’s a blatant rebuilding to the Tower of Babel. Neoconservatism is no better, only more secret, and more deeply dug into the political landscape. Zionism is simply Jewish Nazism.

And we could go on and on, pointing out how the very foundation of the US is Anglo-Saxon supremacy. In order for America to continue, it must cling to that culture, and compel every immigrant and resident to embrace it. This is frankly why the US became so rich and powerful — the predatory brilliance of Anglo-Saxon culture. But it’s out of style now, so America is doomed. Everyone living here who seeks their own cultural rights, along with the material success, will have participated in destroying that wealth and power, because they lack the engine for serving Mammon the way Anglo-Saxon culture does. Hint: Anglo-Americans learned some of it from Judaism, though indirectly and somewhat unconsciously. It’s way Western Christianity is so perverted.

It’s all contrary to reality, contrary to Biblical Law. It’s all doomed. The proper biblical approach is to notice all of this and just trust the Lord to show us how to exploit things for His glory. Every sorrow is an opportunity to demonstrate how heart-led mysticism in Biblical Law is the only answer worth human consideration. His glory is always in our best interest.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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