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Mixed Ride Photos

These are collected shots from Monday’s ride around Draper Lake and Tuesday’s ride on the River Trails. First up is the window shadow effect from the dam at Draper. The long slope compresses the air and increases the wind velocity … Continue reading

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Present versus Future Orientation

Live in the moment. I’ve read excerpts from court cases where judges have ruled that the only proper orientation is a future-oriented outlook. Some have flatly said that living in the moment is barbaric. If you aren’t working for tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Beware the Leaven of Neocons

In the long term, the biggest threat to you and I in our virtual parish are the neocons. The situation is complicated. First, we need to remind ourselves that liberalism versus conservatism is not the issue. Those two ends of … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Is Inconsistent with Our Way

There have been several people trying to convince me to come back to churches I used to attend years ago. Regular readers know that if I were to do so, I would never remain a silent participant. I would most … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Mark 9:38-40

A couple of items before we continue. First, Mark’s Gospel offers little that isn’t in Matthew’s, so if a teaching was covered in Matthew, it will be skipped in Mark. We actually won’t spend much time in Mark in this … Continue reading

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The Die Is Cast

Most of you probably don’t have the time to read something like this, but I highly recommend this analysis of our current political situation. The author explains the background of political tension better than anything else I’ve seen in quite … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Aren’t Supposed to Get It

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. (John 14:26) I’ve said that the mind is … Continue reading

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Antidote to Fear 05

First, a taxonomy of curses. There are valid curses that arise from violating covenants. The prime example is the Curse of the Fall from violating the Covenant of Creation. Some of you may recall the very dramatic ritual that took … Continue reading

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Antidote to Fear 04

We need to learn how to make our perception better match our experience. Again: The proper approach to understanding reality is to understand that there is only perception and experience. Our minds are fallen and it’s just too easy to … Continue reading

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Another Change of Season

This field was completely green just a week before. Most of the stalks are still green, but the drying of the tops almost hides that. I use the prairie grass to tell me when the season has actually changed in … Continue reading

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