Realistic Expectations of Israel

I’m not finished yet reading Shahak’s Jewish History, Jewish Religion, recommended by Ron Unz in the article I linked a few posts back, but I need to pass on a couple of things from it. Keep in mind that Israel Shahak was a Jew and a resident of Israel.

If you read this short but dense volume, you’ll come to a clear and vivid understanding that what the IDF is doing in the Gaza protests is entirely legal and reasonable by their own laws. No amount of moralizing and protesting will change a thing. Zionists consider it a moral duty to God to shoot the Gaza protesters. Don’t waste time with thoughts of restraint or censure. They won’t listen to appeals from liberal and moderate Jews; they damned sure won’t listen to Gentiles.

In practice, this all hinges on what they can get away with in the face of Western morals. That is, when they are in a weak position, they’ll try to avoid conflict. But when in a strong position, they will follow their own moral dictates, which are radically different from Western mores. Gentiles are at best animals, whereas only Jews are genuine humans. And their position now is quite strong, since the US unconditionally supports anything they do. Further, they recently passed a law that quite openly institutes apartheid and discrimination against the quarter of their citizens who are Arab.

The idea of “Jewish” as an ethnicity or race is a rather recent innovation in history. If you’ve read much of my stuff, you know I’ve long asserted that the Covenant of Moses itself insists there is no such thing as an Israeli race. Their whole identity — the meaning of the name “Israel” — rests entirely upon the Covenant, and anyone willing to embrace the Covenant must be fully embraced as a Child of Israel. You can be a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but without the Law of Moses, you cannot claim the name Israel.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that most “Jews” today have virtually no Hebrew blood at all, though this is highly disputed for the obvious propaganda reasons. The majority today are ethnically more Khazar than anything else, a Turkic people once dominant in the modern regions of Krasnodar and Volgograd, Russia, and spreading into Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Some minority of modern Jews appear to originate in North Africa. The whole idea of a Jewish race is simply bogus on the face of it.

Nonetheless, we have to live with this crap as is. I highly recommend that you get a copy of Shahak’s book and read it if you have time. It will help you make sense of a whole lot of idiocy we face today.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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