Free from Mammon, Free from Fear

The USA must turn inward and prepare to prosper with less trade.

Economists are excellent at analyzing what happened historically; they are utterly abysmal at predicting future events. Their logic is relentlessly vacant of moral discernment. That is, they deny that there is a moral element to reality. They recognize no moral analysis beyond sheer materialism; they worship Mammon. That deity is a lying demon.

I recognize that there are raw resources the US uses that are available only in foreign countries. Many of those resources are regarded as strategic — so important to our military capabilities that if we couldn’t trade for them, we would be compelled to take them by force. That’s another debate for another time. My point is that we have developed a massive dependency that makes us vulnerable. The US could do better with less dependence, but we have no idea how free we could be. We haven’t even tried to find alternatives using internal resources.

There is a very powerful globalist cabal that has manipulated the system to keep us vulnerable. This is what’s behind the biblical symbol of Babylon, seeking to unite the world in slavery to Mammon. In many cases, technological advancements have been rendered illegal to prevent members of this cabal from losing their monopoly position in existing technology. The US government has a long history of sending agents to secretly arrest people dabbling in forbidden advancements, and their research confiscated and buried. As a single example, look into hemp cultivation. Or look at Microsoft buying out all competition and burying superior software.

We have been denied a far better economic health because of private interests using government power to squelch any kind of competition. These same interests have lied about the necessity of wide open international trade. Right now, the US needs to turn inward and rebuild her internal economy. It will require a recession to break the bondage to senseless and false debt burdens. We cannot hope to do better until after we have done worse for a while.

I’m not defending Trump’s trade warfare because he’s doing it mostly wrong. However, the effort to wean us from dependence of foreign resources and products is appropriate for our times. It would take a small bookshelf of writing to explain it all in detail, but the current global economic situation is badly in need of violent reformation. I say “violent” because the people who run things have a death grip on the system. They are prepared to use violence to defend their “ownership” of all things.

So if Trump provokes some market instability, it’s overall a good thing. He will stumble and bumble through horrible advice from the so-called experts, but his instincts are running in the right direction. From what I can discern, I think he would settle for just a weakening of that iron grip from the banking lords of the world. And I’ll grant you that his motives are quite other than noble, but in the process of serving his own self interest, he will do us all a lot of good in the economic long term. He’s not trying to keep it all for himself; he has demonstrated an awareness that his prosperity is greatest when everyone is well off.

So on the one hand, this is going to be painful. We will have to abandon a lot of stuff in order to climb out of the pit. On the other hand, if we do not let these things go, we will be buried alive. While the escape will no doubt be more painful than really necessary, we should hardly be surprised that fallen people have closed their eyes to God’s truth. We who walk the heart-led path of faith need to understand that economics is not some objective truth, but is merely one aspect of a very living and sentient reality. God’s truth is the fabric of reality; He formed it from His own divine moral character.

Face the future with foreboding, but without fear. Yes, it’s going to hurt; that’s what “tribulation” means. But we are heart-led mystics, otherworldly people who seek to view this broken world from an eternal viewpoint. This world isn’t reality; it’s one big lie. Know the truth of God and you will be free from fear.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Free from Mammon, Free from Fear

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Generally, market corrections are painful (speaking in mere material terms here), but the corrections aren’t so bad when they aren’t subsidized and prices are out of whack. In a healthy economy there are small ups and downs, hardly any sudden, suspicious, large climbs and eventual crashes.


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