Trump’s Troll Army

Most assertively, we proclaim that this world of mainstream human awareness is a lie. It is absurd and only appears to make sense to those captivated within their fallen nature. As soon as you start appropriating the grace and mercy God offers, you will begin to question what your senses and logic tell you. Faith calls you to reject this world and its ways.

The only reason we stay involved in this world is to help spread awareness of that grace and mercy. We participate in the revelation of God, which He granted as an antidote to the Fall. His revelation is invasive in the sense that it cuts into the Curse of the Fall and pulls us out of the blindness and restrictions. It seizes us, calls us into the moral discernment and a sense of mission to live within the Fallen Realm by a higher power from outside it.

This in turn makes it our duty to understand the Fallen Realm from God’s clear view above it all. It need not be an encyclopedic understanding, only the part we need to walk in our own calling. My calling includes keeping an eye on human behavior on a broad scale, but with a prophetic ministry confined mostly to the USA. A part of that specialization is paying attention to the Internet, in part because so much of America’s future is tied up in that.

Let me reiterate that no government on this earth, so far as I know, is close enough to God’s revelation to warrant any particular favor. Nobody is obeying any covenant in any meaningful degree, in those terms. So it makes our part relatively simple, in that a primary means of reflecting God’s glory is living by Biblical Law. Striving to be His revelation in this world puts us in a unique position to see clearly how the world as a whole fails to seek God’s favor. Thus, we have the means to proclaim His truth by the simple contrast of how we live. Making a vivid contrast means understanding how the world has failed to live by God’s Word.

The US government in particular stands as an egregious violation of God’s Word. There may be particular items that make us smile, but most of it should make us weep. Sometimes the contrast between His Word and what America does is a matter of missing the point, making a mountain out of a molehill. For example, the American obsession with pedophilia does not reflect what’s in the Bible. All the more so due to the disgusting hypocrisy of sexualizing kids in entertainment and worshiping youth, while frantically searching for any evidence of human desire for sex with children. Pedophilia is wired directly into American culture. It’s not a question of whether it is sinful, but of greater sins committed by not keeping things in a biblical perspective. The solution to the problem is not in hysteria.

By now you probably know that whenever a government agency wants to take someone down, they often resort to planting evidence of child pornography on their Internet devices. And with so many computers wide open to various degrees of hijacking by criminals, a significant number of cases are nothing more than owners unaware that crooks are using their computers as storage for such illegal material. In other words, current prosecutions are often bogus, and this is simply another form of oppression and abuse. You end up with parents prosecuted for sharing a picture of baby taking a bath. The lack of clear and sensible standards is itself an abomination to God. Government officials are hardly sincere in any of this.

The mainstream media has spiked the story, so you’ll have to find it in small local outlets or from alternative media: US Arrests 23,000 in Massive Child Sex Operation. Notice the date. Suspending our cynicism for just a moment, we note that something this big was in the planning for quite a while. It turns out that some conspiracy theorists noticed a huge uptick in sealed court documents starting back in November of last year; such statistics are public record if you know where to look. Some portion of such sealed documents are typically indictments. It remains a mere curiosity until you add in the factor that folks were predicting this before it happened.

Stop for just a moment and recall I’ve said we are already in a civil war with a very loud minority of Americans rejecting the outcome of the last presidential election. I’ve also warned that the rising tension will lead to bloodshed, and that we should pray the Lord be merciful to America and keep this limited. Trump is a repulsive immoral creature, but He is God’s chosen instrument of wrath, so opposing him politically is fighting God, while denouncing him along with the whole political system is morally proper. On the human level of things, he’ll stomp on a lot of innocent people, but he is most certainly going after some folks God wants to crush.

One of his weapons is the pursuit of child sex trafficking. It is massively popular regardless of who the suspects might be. Federal law enforcement uses the same methods against child trafficking as they do against drug trafficking. They start by indicting all the little people and making them talk, and keep working upward through the system until they get the kingpins. But think of this as a weapon in the civil war — it’s not a question of whether the folks swept up are actually guilty of this particular thing; it’s the simplest way of taking them down. Yet, it turns out that a significant number of the folks Trump is after are pedophiles themselves, or aided in child sex trafficking.

Further, we have evidence he is involved behind the scenes. He hasn’t been silent, but he has been careful to mobilize a corps of Internet activists who do an awful lot of footwork for the cause. These folks have been active since before the election, and once he became aware of them as a resource, he began engaging them carefully, so that only wacko conspiracy theorists would even notice he’s involved. The whole thing caters to that mindset, and folks like that are very effective at some things.

Do you remember Pizzagate? The trolls behind that haven’t gone away. The small army has grown and now includes quite a few respectable folks who aren’t just basement-dwelling gamers. The chatter on 4chan and other discussion sites has welcomed regular folks who were marginalized by the mainstream. Some of the Pizzagate stuff included leaks from someone claiming to be an FBI insider, and the type and quality of leakage gave credibility to that claim. Now there’s another leaker named “Q” whose leaks are far more obscure and cryptic, but effective nonetheless. Further, some of the cryptic clues are echoed tellingly in Trump’s noise. That is, Q posts something, only to have Trump later include that clue in a tweet or speech or something similar.

This is a very savvy game and we should be grateful that it keeps the violence down. Once violence starts, it will be far more random and chaotic. This stuff with pedophile prosecution is much more narrowly targeted. Keep your eye on this crack-down, because it could easily escalate upward through the ranks into mainstream political figures, not to mention Hollywood and the mainstream media.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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