Jewish Claims of Superiority

They claim to be superior to Gentiles.

Jews do have a divine advantage. Paul declares it in Romans 3, but it goes all the way back to Deuteronomy 7:6-11. Yet, notice their advantage fades if they depart from the Covenant.

We are grateful they wrote it down and preserved it. The essence of divine favor is embracing divine revelation. All that you can know about God starts with the Bible, but if you take it seriously, it quickly transitions to a direct connection with God Himself. The Bible serves to condition the mind to accept the leadership of the heart. You cannot claim to obey the Word if you aren’t heart-led, because your heart is the only means you have to connect with the Holy Spirit. That divine Presence in your soul is not just a nice gift; it is a dire necessity to overcome our fallen nature.

Abraham and his descendants were just as fallen as everyone else. They never transcended that. And the prophets indicate God chose them in part to demonstrate the power of His compassion and His revelation, choosing the most difficult nation on earth as His own family (Ezekiel 3:7; Luke 10:2-16; Matthew 11:16-24). And when they vacated the Covenant, He filled it with other people, people grafted in to provoke His family to envy for the Covenant (Romans 11).

If the Jews were to seize upon our teaching, they would leave us in the dust in claiming shalom. We Gentiles are mere duffers at something they could do without half the effort. Forget the Levant; God promised they could own the whole world.

But they refuse.

As long as they refuse, we can excoriate them for rejecting divine truth that we have embraced. They are His family, but they are not His Kingdom; they are a people who have disowned Him and all the divine heritage of the Covenant kinship.

Instead, they occupy their advantages in serving Satan. Their native superiority makes them by far the very worst evil among humans on this earth. Make no mistake; this is not a matter of DNA. There is precious little genuine Hebrew blood in Jews’ veins. The Covenant of Moses was always about embracing revelation and living by it, so any Gentile could become a member of the nation of Israel by conversion. They were mixing it up the whole time; there never was a pure Hebrew race. It was always a matter of the Covenant and God’s divine election.

So the honest truth is that today’s Jewish superiority is strictly a matter of divine grant. The Lord holds open the door to kinship in His household for them as the Chosen People. They are the “first family.” While they serve Satan, they do so as superior servants in this world. They profit Satan far more than any other people. And when they turn to Christ, they could profit His Kingdom far better than any of us could. That’s the hard truth of things; that’s in the Bible.

But He will use us in great and mighty ways because we are available. Rejoice in their rejection of the Messiah, and rejoice when they come back to Him on the same terms we do. Pray that they do turn, and pray further that they actually get the message, because it will make everything a whole lot better for all of us. They have a native connection to divine moral reality that is stronger than ours. That’s the same as having a stronger connection to the Lord’s glory.

We put His glory first.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Jewish Claims of Superiority

  1. larryzb says:

    Zionized Christians need to reject their religious error and stop worshipping Jews.


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