Constitutional Deception

There are few things more annoying than getting lost in debate with someone who believes the US Constitution is somehow sacred writ.

First of all, on a legal level, the Constitution was a coup. It was the product of a cabal of conspirators who exceeded their mandate. The folks at the Constitutional Convention were not the same group that got things rolling in the first place with the Articles of Confederation. Each of the delegates had been commissioned individually by their sponsoring states to amend the Articles of Confederation. In order to do that, they were granted exceptional authority, which they abused.

They all but admitted they had wangled their election as delegates on false pretenses in each of their sponsoring states. The states’ governments remained firmly libertarian Enlightenment idealists, while the folks at the convention were sneaky centralists. Not every one of them, but a core group intended to destroy the libertarian vision of the founders and steer deliberations toward centralized tyranny. But they kept a veneer of libertarian language with all sorts of semantic traps (lawyer language) designed to hide from the various state legislatures the trap doors.

When some of the states reconsidered later, their changed vote was improperly ignored because the conspirators had no intention of being honorable and lawful. On this level, the US Constitution was a complete fraud in the first place.

Second, it was based on false assumptions. It assumes the broad voting population will think and act in ways that they never have and never will. There is some proof that the hijackers at the Constitutional Convention knew this and took advantage of it. Some of them appear to have known the libertarian founders were deluded about human nature. They were counting on people being too busy to rise up and in arms against bad government, something that was generally considered legitimate at the time. Still, the main point is that the federalists were liars; they were dishonest and willing to deceive to press their agenda. Their opponents were generally more honest about their intentions.

So The Federalist Papers is a collection of lying propaganda. They are revered today by people who regard themselves “strict constitutionalists,” but who are willingly deceived by the same lies that took America down the path to where it is today. What we have today with the corporate welfare and police state conditions is pretty much what the Federalists had in mind, as the ancestors of the elitist one-percenters who rule us today.

Finally, both the naive libertarians and predatory Federalists were building on an anti-biblical basis. Both were flavors of the same barbaric and deeply heathen cultural background of Western Civilization. To this day, their political descendants celebrate and defend Western Civilization, itself the result of an anti-Christian conspiracy to keep the religious tyrants of the church hierarchy in place. They knowingly altered the ethics of their message to sucker the invading Germanic tribes into buying a perverted version of Christian religion, thus preserving the pretense of evangelizing the invaders.

The resulting shift in philosophical approach to reading the Bible eventually gave birth to the conflicts of the Crusades, Renaissance, Reformation, etc., until we came to the highly secularized Enlightenment. And reading the Bible through Enlightenment eyes brought forth a horde of discordant heretical sects no better than the official church that had spawned them. And while the original Articles of Confederation rested firmly on such Enlightenment idealism, it simply opened the door for the slimy cabal that eventually took over America.

No, I don’t care for the Enlightenment “gospel” of the mainstream churches today. And I certainly don’t revere the US Constitution. Nor does much of our US government, apparently. It was carefully formulated to encourage tyrants to violate it with impunity. The will of the people can be safely ignored because what the Constitution demands us do to preserve our rights and liberty is precisely what we cannot do. We don’t have time for that ritualistic nonsense, and the Constitution has encouraged the elites to rob the masses and prevent us having leisure to revolt.

The US Constitution remains one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on any country anywhere.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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3 Responses to Constitutional Deception

  1. Iain says:

    Amen bro, and to think I used to walk around with a pocket constitution courtesy of the Cato Institute. All human government is evil, ours is even more so because it purports itself to be good, just and most sickeningly, “Godly”….puuuuke! Don’t forget the Freemasons, as an organization they take a very cynical view of humanity, and only proper gentleman groomed by their system of “building a better man” are fit to lead the unwashed. The rank and file type Masons that I know are decent guys. There is no Enslave the World Masonic Conspiracy, what they do have is their people in positions to influence those who do wield power and are very much interested in promoting and maintaining western civilization. It’s their sole reason for existence.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I agree that the Masons had a lot to do with the Constitution, but too many people make it a religion to be anti-Mason, so I don’t often mention them. As you say, these days the Masons aren’t running their own conspiracy to rule the world, but are still involved in grooming their people to play a part.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    The Constitution is just words. I don’t know how anyone could think they had actual power to restrict anything, anyways.


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