A Scurrilous Political Rant

First, let me state my excuse for this post: People keep shoving political crap at me in the background. They ask me to use my forum here to promote something they are so sure is God’s will. It’s not. I figure that at a minimum, maybe I can stop their lying pressure by spoiling their hopes of hijacking my message. I want to come out with some commentary that makes it clear their preferred agenda will never show up on this blog.

So let’s paint the background first: America is doomed. She is under God’s wrath and it’s just getting started. We are going to see things that will shock the conscience, because the demons are going to be set loose on this country. Their mission will be to destroy the United States as a political entity and humble the insufferable arrogance against God’s revealed truth. There are no good guys. There are a few smart ones who could potentially make things work for awhile, but nobody with any significant influence on the direction of this country is working for righteousness. So the best you could get from anyone in politics is finding a feasible way to make things work as they are, and the demons will ensure no one listens to them.

The folks pushing on me behind the scenes are Trump fans. That man is not the evil his opponents suggest; he is an entirely different kind of evil. Everyone’s attention is on the wrong things regarding Trump. Back off and take a look: He’s unique among all the presidents in US history, because he says very publicly exactly what he thinks at the moment he thinks it. No one can muzzle him. And when he changes his mind later, no one notices that he actually starts to work toward that change in thinking. Why he might change his mind about things is easily explained by knowing who he is and how he operates. He is not a man of principle; he’s a man of profit and power. He’s a showman, the most preposterous and loud-mouthed showman we’ve ever had in the White House. The show must go on, and he is always the star. Keep that in mind and you’ll understand the inexplicable craziness of how his staff change so often.

Notice that I suggest nothing admirable about the man, only that he is not what most of his critics claim. The propaganda against him is cheap and goofy, and misses the point. The real problem is that he has no principles. Thus, he is the single biggest threat to his own supporters. So far, he has reneged on all of the most important promises he made during the election campaign. He could have done a whole lot better, but went into this totally ignorant of how it works, and ignorant of what he was up against — willfully ignorant. He’s too arrogant to have done it wisely, in the sense that it would have required a small army of domestic espionage agents to disembowel his opposition by attacking the things they value most — and they sure as Hell don’t value what they proclaim in public. So we end up with Trump trying to accommodate people who never wanted anything that got him elected, and now he’s just a tool of the neocons.

I said that he was God’s chosen vessel of destruction for America. Not God’s avenger, but a vessel of destruction. He’s not supposed to survive this in the political sense. There is a high probability he will be removed from office. Try to understand how this works: The Special Prosecutor is an independent arm of the FBI; Mueller is a former Director of the FBI. Trump should not talk to this man ever. Why? The FBI has never been about justice; there is no way you can talk things out with them. The FBI is a prosecutorial bureaucracy with a predatory hive-mind. It cannot do what’s right except by accident. No one in their right mind would trust the FBI; it’s a mindless beast of hatred and political persecution. When they have absolutely nothing on a victim, they simply have a conference with the individual and manipulate things so that they can charge them with lying to the FBI. This, while the FBI demands the authority to lie, even to judges, with impunity. Thus, an impeachment is almost a foregone conclusion, sooner or later. Even if it fails, the political wrangling will only get worse.

The political fallout from attempted impeachment is what will fracture the US. We are past the point of no return on that path. It’s not a question of who supports Trump, but who would rather burn the whole thing down than to allow the current opposition any chance of seizing power again. That prospect is so frightening to a certain population that it would mean an armed revolution. But it’s more likely to mean that certain officials in various offices of the federal government, people hitherto officially not supposed to use their leverage for political ends, will be forced to throw their weight behind one side or another in such a political fracas, and it will destroy the system. We could see the military committed to a partisan stance, for example. We already see the FBI committed to such a partisan stance, a stance against Trump. So keep your eye on how other agencies will be pushed into this battle.

As I said: There are no good guys in this battle, and America is doomed.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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6 Responses to A Scurrilous Political Rant

  1. larryzb says:

    America is doomed if it does not turn from its heretical Christian Zionism. Counterfeit Christianity must be an abomination in the eyes of God.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    And that’s just the beginning of their sins.


  3. Iain says:

    Amen brother amen, I voted for him because I figured he’d wreck it quicker the Hilary. If he is God’s instrument of destruction, the FBI won’t stop him. The Zionistas in the military will prop him up and I believe he’ll be reelected after a staged assassination attempt from which he emerges as a hero (opinion). When he does get reelected, the protests will be far more violent and I can see rank & file LEO’s backing the Trumpeters. It’s a good time to be living in rural ‘merca like I do. Our crumbling inner cities will become war zones like Fallujah. I don’t watch news as a rule (Tucker Carlson & Greg Guttfeld occasionally because they are funny); so this is my prophetic sense, meager as it is, talking. For us; I believe that God is using this to open the door to the heart led way. All of us here will have tremendous opportunities to spread Shalom. It will not like the “awakenings” of Western history, God forbid but, Heaven will shake with the song of countless angels praising the Lord Most High for each living soul that crosses the threshold. God’s storehouses will be opened and all who call on the name of the Lord will be filled. Hallelujah! and Thank You Jesus!


  4. Jay DiNitto says:

    My take: there’s resistance on the Trump side against the globalist side of things. But he may be wearing down. Had Hillary won the election, things would be deteriorating a lot faster since she’s fully invested in globalism. Either way it’s going to be a sh*tshow.


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    Jay, this should turn out to be the most entertaining administration ever.


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