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Unchained Vision, Part 5

Let’s take a moment to throw out some junk doctrine. Let’s go back and search for truth among the eternal perspectives of the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) peoples, of whom Israel was one nation. That was the setting God built … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 4

On the one hand, our greatest threat is The Cult [PDF]. On the other hand, the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly (2 Corinthians 10:2-6; Ephesians 6:10-13). Our tactics are not human, but are consistent with moral truth. Once … Continue reading

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Decentralized Human Networking

It seems to me that I keep confronting human intransigence against God’s requirement to decentralize. Allow me to offer two examples. One: The Internet is by far the most democratizing influence on human society in history thus far. The very … Continue reading

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Psalm 142

In this third psalm of distress, the text itself tells us David composed the words while hiding in a cave. Most scholars agree this was at En Gedi while on the run from Saul. David chose to emphasize the instructive … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 3

By now you can probably figure out that The Cult is roughly equivalent to the Antichrist and closely connected to the Beast in Revelation. Technically speaking, any human government that does not adhere to the Covenant of Noah is a … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 2

If you can grasp the mystical image of reality to any degree, then it should be less of a struggle to handle what follows. You are the only person on this earth who can know in fullness God’s calling on … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 1

Once more the mad prophet gibbers and jabbers, rattling his chains and scrawling on the walls of his prison cell. Trying to explain some of this stuff is what drives me nuts. I’m compelled to use a language that is … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 25

Mr. T raises a good point in a comment on yesterday’s post. He notes that DNA is a factor in high-trust societies, and that neither nature nor nurture can explain how high-trust arises, or when it doesn’t. Of course, my … Continue reading

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Blinders Firmly Strapped in Place

In light of the Muslim invasion of Europe, and all of the nasty fallout from it, I keep running across Western analysis that suggests the single biggest problem is that tribal folks aren’t altruistic the way Westerners are. This is, … Continue reading

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Telling the Truth

Our Lord shines His glory in Creation. That expression is functionally the same as: He reveals Himself in and to His Creation. We reflect His glory by our willing participation in revealing Him. We reveal Him by obeying His call … Continue reading

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