Yanking the Covers Off

Another dose of my madness…

Let’s imagine that Israel is granted all she demands from the world at large. We’ve already seen historically that she is a bottomless pit. No matter what anyone or everyone agrees to, there’s always something more she wants. But let’s pretend she gets all of it. She would no longer be Israel but Babylon. It would be global oppression under some bogus religion of material wealth.

What does she accomplish short of that goal? She remains the biggest and most painful distraction in this world. There can never be peace so long as Israel exists. Granted, the world has a lot of problems all over the place, so we can’t blame all of them on Israel. Nonetheless, if we solve every other problem besides the claims of Israel, there will still never be peace. There will always be torment for the rest of the world as long as there Israel exists.

No matter which way it goes, it’s a win-win for Israel’s leadership. The reason I’m picking on Israel is because she alone makes this most blasphemous claim of divine favor in the name of Our Creator. Her primary moral cudgel is that God chose her to rule the world, though sometimes she disguises that under the self-pity of the Holocaust. When her persecution slacks too much, she’ll secretly hire someone to harass her very publicly. Whatever it takes to justify a claim against the whole human race for something, she will use it.

You’d be shocked how many Jews don’t support this nonsense — the vast majority of Jews around the world are anti-Zionist. If they were Zionist, they’d be living in Israel. Still, it’s considered anti-Jewish (“antisemitism”) to fuss about Zionism or Israel. Have you noticed that this creates tension and turmoil for Jews, too? (Need I mention that the MSM intentionally confuses the issue of whether “Jew” means a believer in Judaism or whether it’s merely an ethnic identity?) This is all hidden by the MSM, so you’ll have to do some research among sources outside the mainstream.

That’s part of the whole pattern. I’ve said that The Cult wears Judaism as a mask, and uses Israel to accomplish its goals. The Cult is the underlying explanation I offer, a way of putting a somewhat human face on the demonic influence so clearly explained in the Bible. Given what we know of Satan and how He serves as God’s Punisher (rather like Potiphar served Pharaoh), we can use The Cult as the human avatar to explain current events, extrapolating from history. That pattern is all about keeping people deceived and enslaved to their fallen desires. Satan feeds and prospers on human stupidity.

If I haven’t lost you so far, then you’ll understand how Christian Zionism represents a very dirty force in mainstream Western churches. Dispensationalism is the term for the doctrine that stands behind Christian Zionism. Now, if you research the doctrine, you can find literally hundreds of websites that disparage Dispensationalism from a strong biblical point of view, and a vast pile of historical detail that shows how that nasty heresy was born and developed. What you may not find so easily in your research is how this has provoked a massive deception foisted on churches by their leadership.

I’ve seen it myself, though I cannot offer you proof because I was too disgusted to stay around and gather sufficient details. I’ve worked alongside church leadership that knowingly hid from the church members their full honest intentions on some things, and often it had to do with church funds. It’s buried under all sorts of euphemisms, but it amounts to fraud. It’s collecting offerings under false pretenses. And quite often the specific issue of where the money goes is tied to Christian Zionism in some way. The god of Zionism is Mammon; it’s inherently materialistic. To have clean hands requires a clean heart, an otherworldly orientation.

Now consider this: Religious organizations that fight Dispensational doctrine tend to have a far better record with accountability on funds and other things in general. Those that support Zionism are more likely to produce scandals over money and morals. And if you have been following the various pronouncements of CUFI, the premier Christian Zionist organization in the US, you’ll see some of the most amazing doctrinal acrobatics, twisting the gospel to justify supporting Israel at all costs.

God’s wrath is falling on this mess, too. Look for more exposure as God yanks the covers off. This doesn’t require much action at all from us but to see the hand of God and know His divine moral character. When you see people turning away from this system of deception, you’ll know a harvest of souls is at hand. Be ready to reach out to them.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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