The Power of Private Intel

The globalist agenda is directly linked to The Cult [PDF]. It’s the same agenda that leaked out several times, typically reflecting the long-term plans of the Rothschilds and other groups. Again, this is not Judaism or Zionism, but is deeply influenced by the Jewish Messianic Expectations [PDF], which included dreams of enslaving the Gentile world and possessing all their wealth. These dreams were abstracted out of Judaism and claimed under a darker vision of materialism. It has branched out into a lot of other quasi-religious stuff that shows up in Kabbalism and a lot of secret societies, and was rather clearly enunciated in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (you can read that dreary volume online here).

So the modern globalist political agenda participates in this vast, ugly deception. Satan has completely fooled these people. They genuinely believe it is possible to do this, and they have very plausible plans for making it happen. A critical element in this agenda is sowing chaos, suffering and sorrow so that the mass of humanity will beg for a better government, which they will then put in place. That government will be the most shocking and insufferable tyranny that seeks to control down to the very thoughts in our heads, with threats of using any technology that makes it possible. Your worst nightmares and the most dystopian fiction cannot match what they have in mind.

I bring to your attention this: There Will Be Blood: the Alexandria Shooting and Civil War in America. The author, Kurt Nimmo, accurately notes that the globalist plutocrats in the US, via their control over most of the bureaucratic institutions — not least the CIA, DHS, and some portion of the FBI — have prepared an army to impose this rule.

What he does not mention is that the globalists purchased all this military grade equipment because they aren’t too sure they can trust the military to do the job. So the globalists have been working with the imperialists to keep the military busy elsewhere as much as possible, so that when it comes time to bring on that crack-down, the only available “troops” will be those who are deeply committed to the hive-mind of paranoid state security. You can bet that the 2 million or so federal bureaucrats would not hesitate to slaughter the civilians among whom they live.

But their plan will fail, in part because they are still vastly outnumbered by the armed patriot underground. Yet, even more important is that a significant number of average citizens are quite aware of this plan. The plutocrats just cannot comprehend how they will not get their way. A major weakness is that the majority of the citizens simply will not tolerate that kind of chaos, and will take steps to crush it themselves before the bureaucrats can mobilize. The primary agents of chaos — various flavors of violent activists — will suffer a backlash of far more effective and focused violence. The folks who prefer a civilized and orderly way of life will arm themselves like never before.

On top of this, the one thing those globalists simply cannot comprehend is that the Internet is their greatest enemy. The power of popular cyber-warfare is completely off their radar. At every step of the way, the globalist plots have been exposed. The kind of detailed sleuthing it takes to connect the dots they imagine they have hidden is already active in an abundant mass of cyber warriors. And we have never before seen the level of leaks and whistleblowing now rising across the Net.

If you have any mind at all for such things, keep your eyes on the scandals revealed in the next few weeks. Some will be bogus, but the MSM is incapable of muzzling the independent voices shouting the facts. Private intelligence service will always outperform the government version.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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