300 Sheiks and a News Service

In case you forget, Qatar is the home of Al Jazeera. Qatar is run by an Arab clan and their wealth is based on massive supplies of natural gas.

I’m pretty sure this is connected to my sense of dread described in the previous post here. For those of you with a decent attention span and some interest in world affairs, you should read all the comments appended to that post at Moon of Alabama. Some of those comments come from folks who live and work in that part of the world, or are closely connected to those who do. It’s far more complicated than you’d ever know reading US MSM sources.

Qatar is in a tight spot, but it drags the US into things because our single largest military facility (by some accounts) in the Middle East is there. We have no part in the argument between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but it will surely affect us because of the entanglements and alliances. The issue I see is in two parts: (1) This thing is too likely to explode and be very big and messy, and (2) what really matters for my prophetic sensibilities is the US involvement. I’m convinced that someone in Washington DC has made a decision that will not work at all as they expect, and this will pull us into something even bigger than a genuine heart-felt slugfest among the principles already involved.

And once the ugly stuff starts, all of our other imperial entanglements come into play. I’d love to be shown an idiot on this stuff; I would accept it with joyous celebration. But I cannot shake the sense that the worst of madness is upon us and that this spat between the Saudis and Qatar is the proximate trigger for the explosion. God help us.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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