Spiritual Activism

What sort of activism would you expect from mystics?

There would be the obvious determined respect for Creation; most of you would see that right away. I pick up trash virtually every day outside my apartment building. It’s not some middle-class angst about appearances, but a true sensitivity about pollutants afflicting the natural world around me. I want the full power and holiness of divine justice working in my life, so I’m doing my part. And yesterday while I was out riding, I stopped to pick up a box turtle stuck in the middle of the road. I moved it off into the grass on the side it was facing to prevent the risk some motorist might not see it.

Most of you understand that kind of compassion and respect for Creation as a person, and you would naturally look for ways to extend that to people. Most of them hardly see themselves as part of nature, but we know that God’s justice should flow to and through all of Creation. We share His compassion and mercy with all persons.

But what about those people whom God has marked for His wrath? That’s a little tougher to explain. It requires first making sure we understand two primary considerations. First, we have to make sure we get it right as to where His wrath is falling. Most of the time we cannot know, and so we rightly offer some mercy to just about everyone. That mercy may vary, but for example, there are plenty of people who seem to benefit from my absence, so I leave them alone. That would mostly be organized religious institutions. I take the position I’m not called to interfere with someone else’s ministry. In such cases, it’s better to give them enough rope to hang themselves. God can deal with them on His own terms.

And that holds until I get some very specific sense of calling to do something different. Sure, I’m going to spend a lot of time making sure this isn’t something in the flesh. Those of us who subject our thinking to our convictions are used to that kind of internal query. We don’t trust ourselves to be just about such things without first an overwhelming sense that being nice is giving the Devil too much room in our lives. It’s not a matter of fear, but of getting off my duff and asserting God’s moral authority.

So when we identify someone who is under God’s wrath, our first step is to declare that curse. That’s what it means to “pronounce a curse” — we offer the warning that this or that crosses the line. We also step back as a demonstration of our respect for God’s revelation on the matter; we don’t want to stand where His wrath will splash on us, too. It’s consistent with the image of “shaking the dust off your feet” (Matthew 10:11-15). It’s an ancient ritual that says your dirt is unworthy of my sandals; my lowest slave shouldn’t have to wash you off my feet. We don’t want to be around when the wrath falls lest we be tempted to care about their suffering.

And indeed, God has said bluntly at times (Jeremiah 11:14) to His prophets: “Don’t even pray for them!” That He said it about the Kingdom of Judah leading up the Exile should help you understand the context. Sometimes people, even God’s own, go too far for mercy. It’s the same as Jesus warning His disciples to flee Jerusalem once they see the troops marching toward the city. It’s too late for mercy.

I am convinced the globalists and their leftist allies have crossed that line. It’s no longer a question of praying that they get a clue. What’s left is confessing God’s Word of truth and praying that His wrath fall fully on Babylon. It’s that business of making sure everyone knows you stand with God, not His enemies.

It’s when you start to pray and confess His Word that He begins to open up your eyes to His glory. He starts showing you ways you can manifest His glory in that situation. No two of us will get quite the same mission, though it’s likely some of us will share a lot. But my point is that there is no pattern. We aren’t out for all the lefties any more than we are the righties; both are horribly wrong for all kinds of reasons. But right now we can see the wrath of God falling on a particular influence, mostly as recompense for the folly of being a sucker for that thing. If you dance with demons, your life will catch on fire. They could have and should have known it was wrong, but they chose to ignore His Word.

And while you are at it, let’s do the same for Christian Zionists. This is really no different from those old-timey prayers for a revival. It’s the same protocol in the sense that you seek a very powerful visitation from God’s Spirit. You ask for God to start with you; I’m perfectly willing to absorb whatever measure of wrath falls on me along with everyone else who is defying God’s will. I’m asking to be cleansed from sin and prompted to conform to His divine justice. I already have an inkling that it will include some form of action to hasten His wrath on the primary target.

Stand back and call down His fire. Anything else is between you and Him.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Spiritual Activism

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    You will be judged
    But His people will be restored
    Fall to your knees
    For there is life at the throne of God
    You will be judged”

    Your post reminded me of some lyrics. There you have it.


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