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Off the Cuff 03

Oddly enough, this episode of “off the cuff” is in response to a question. Please refer back to Off the Cuff 01 and Off the Cuff 02 for context. In the first episode, I sensed that some dirty bargain was … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Prophetic Economics 01

This is mostly prophetic, so it fits in the pulpit, but it uses a real-world approach… The Social Sciences are the study of human nature. It includes things like history, archeology, geography, sociology, government and political theory, psychology and so … Continue reading

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The Sniper 01

For just a moment, Franklin rubbed his eyes, then continued scanning the village and surrounding terrain for any sign of movement. Had he been staring through the display on his rifle, it would have driven him nuts. Then again, it … Continue reading

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