Spotlight in the Night

Let’s make some distinctions here.

There’s not a darned thing we can do to stop the immense evil in Syria, in part because it’s all tied into the Satanic plans regarding Israel. The whole thing is a swamp and there’s no safe place anywhere near it, so stay away. Last night’s attack on Syria was world class stupidity, but so is wasting a lot of time trying to analyze it. The most important thing it tells you is that the evil system is more powerful than anyone who tries to steer it. Also, God’s plans for that region are largely inscrutable to us.

What does matter is that God plans to use that kind of idiocy to punish America. If you want to analyze things, then investigate how the whole history of American government points toward a fiery and brutal end because it rests on a fiery and brutal foundation. But don’t pretend you or any number of agitators are going to change the outcome.

Human reason believes it can tame and choose the future of the universe. God revealed that we are tightly restrained from doing much of anything, in part because we have no clue how any of it works. Human capability outside of revelation cannot possibly come up with the likes of Noah’s Covenant. Even if you manage to subdue your intellect under the guidance of your heart, it only leads you back to the character of God manifested in the moral fabric of Creation. We are not empowered to change anything except some small measure of what is inside of us.

So our actual choices are limited to a range between obedience and disobedience to God. We get to choose how much shalom we are going to harvest from our existence on this earth. We are only along for the ride. God invites us to participate, to be involved and see His mighty works of wonder. We aren’t an imposition on Him in that role; He delights in showing us His glory. And if we have any sense at all, we realize that there is nothing we can experience that is better for us. This what He made us for, so it can’t get any better than marveling at His goodness and greatness.

His revelation makes it plain how He does things. If you can grasp the nature of His holiness and His mercy, how slow He is to execute wrath along with how certain it is He will do so eventually, then you are hardly surprised when I warn you prophetically that God’s wrath is falling on the US. I can’t say how many believers saw it coming, but I’ve read hundreds of folks writing about it for a very long time before I was able to discern the actual reality of it for myself. I believed it a long time ago, and now I believe I’m seeing it happen.

So when I suggest that you can enjoy a heavy dose of shalom by participating in bringing a measure of that wrath, it’s not activism. We aren’t fixing a problem; we are picking up the plunder of God’s wrath on sinners. We are invited to take a share of His largess as He reclaims His property for His sheikdom. Are we not a part of that as His children?

How do you get in on this? First, let the Holy Spirit guide you through your heart-mind. That’s where God speaks. He’s going to offer you a chance to get involved, something that He has for you alone. Just so you’ll have some idea what to expect, I’ve offered some practical advice derived from the Law of Noah: decentralize and cut your dependencies. Change how you reckon things; adjust the habits of your mind.

For example, recognize that a monopoly is a single point of failure. Facebook is junk technology in the first place, and it breaks all the time. To rest so many essentials of life on something so fragile means pointless misery for billions of people. Don’t invest significant trust and energy in Facebook and pretend that you “own” something there. Zuckerberg operates like a psychopath; he doesn’t desire to enslave you, but he’s perfectly content doing so for his profit. There is no right way to do something like Facebook, and he’s not even trying to do right. If you use it, be ready to discard it without much internal haggling.

Nothing in this world lasts. Take what comes your way, use it for His glory, and then leave it behind for something better when the time comes. That’s how we approach this holy task of bringing God’s wrath on America. We are true believers; we can afford to do this under the most austere conditions. It’s not the stuff we can plunder, but the glorious miracles — the experience itself — that we treasure. Only what you carry inside your soul has any real value. This is the real plunder we seek in His current war on globalists and SJWs. They need tons of money to do anything, but we can run on nothing more than our resolve to see His glory.

When you truly understand what God has called you to do, you will already know how to join the fight against them. For someone like me, it’s mostly a matter of “doxing” — exposing the pretentious posers for what they are. And even then it’s not so much individually (though I do enjoy that) but it’s all about exposing the nature of things by holding it up against the glaring light of God’s glory. Ripping away the veil of lies is a huge thrill for me. I’ve invested a lot of my time and energy into clarifying the moral image of things.

And I’m looking forward to doing that in meat space, as well. My heart tells me that I should anticipate some action on the ground as the path of adventure unfolds in the midst of tragedy. Surely you know that this business of dropping Tomahawk missiles on Syria is going to come back and bite the US government? The whole thing rests on a transparent lie. Our government isn’t going to get away with this for long, but God’s hand is full of surprises, so just stand by and watch.

Meanwhile, you and I can keep the focus on making sure we press forward in our daily lives with an eye to how we can execute shining justice against the backdrop of dark lies.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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