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Kiln blog: Not Against Flesh and Blood

Excerpt… There is no single agenda that controls our world. There are multiple agendas, overlapping, competing, and running in parallel. Here is just one example; it is truth disguised as fiction. It represents the global bankster interests, but there are … Continue reading

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The Courier 01

(Our story continues; this is part 3…) Standing atop the ridge, he listened to the wind. The place had called his name even before he rode the bike up the trail. He sat on a small ledge near the windward … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Psalm 129

(Reposted in full due to brevity; source.) This is the quintessential song of oppression and persistence. Genuine faith rises to meet every challenge; against such faith persecution starves and withers. Given the context here, it would seem the threat is … Continue reading

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Anything but the Truth

Just for the record: The most important thing you can do for yourself is discern your own sense of conviction. Religion is a human response to some unseen power moving in the soul. In our Western world, totally lacking in … Continue reading

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The Fixer 11

Some promotion. They were exposed to more rebel activity than ever before. Franklin was amazed at his new cell phone. He had already worked out in his own mind that what he was getting from it was not fully contained … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

A year ago today was the crash. I went back this morning and took this shot. I ended up on the grass behind where I’m standing here. At my feet in this image was evidence that the sweeper had been … Continue reading

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The Fixer 10

Tim first sent a brief message to the senator in question, alerting her to the insider threat. Let her clean her own house. Then he began putting together his official report to the committee. Ned still had one nagging question, … Continue reading

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