That Big, Stinking Perversion

This is the story I tell; it works for me.

If Satan can get us to chase anything at all except our personal commitment to Jesus Christ, he wins. If he can twist our thinking about who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him, that’s all it takes to keep us away from our divine heritage. Our ultimate best interest is the glory of Christ. I know that following Him means not worrying too much about what other folks do so long as I can see the light of glory shining for me.

At the same time, it requires me to keep track of what others do so that I can discern how to stay on the path. We have to understand how Satan deceives and remain watchful for his tricks. We need a discerning heart. We have to make our minds familiar with the pains and failures of those who stepped off the path, because that speaks to us of our own weaknesses. We have to seek the discernment that offers a cold assessment of our own failures and stay humble. The second we start thinking we have it under control is the second we are on the wrong path.

Here’s what I dread: Israel will destroy the US. She’ll destroy a lot of other countries, too, but there’s little I can do for them except to pray. And all I can do for Americans is pray, as well, but I’m called to sound the warning to them.

Review what I said about The Cult; that’s what drives Israel. The business about a Jewish identity is just a cover story. It’s a billowing curtain that is nothing precisely, just a vague shadowy mixture of Judaism and ethnic traditions and absolutely nothing of substance from the original Covenant of Moses. It’s an excuse to keep maneuvering themselves into the center of world attention. In fact, admiration is the last thing her leaders want. They’ll take it, but only long enough to turn it into a big platform of condemning the whole world. Global guilt is the whole point; it justifies whatever it is Israel decides to do.

The existence of Israel the State isn’t even the goal, just a tool to keep everyone riled up. They never wanted it to work out. The original Zionists knew it was an impossible demand, that all the power and might in this world could not make it work. They knew this thing would create interminable chaos, and that’s exactly the purpose it serves. No matter how much any great military and political power grants them, their demands will not be satisfied. They’ll just come up with some new outrage, some new impossible burden laid on the backs of humanity.

Turning the world into a living Hell is the only way they can get what they are really after — control. That’s it. There is no particular purpose, no golden dreams of what control will grant them; it’s just about control itself. Whatever it is they might have once claimed to want, it has drifted to the place where all they really want is to create Hell. Israel is the ultimate terror state. That’s their image of Paradise; themselves reigning over endless torment. In other words, they serve Satan directly. He is their true national deity.

Let that sink in for a moment.

This explains why the Israelis cannot be honest with anyone, not even each other. This is why they cannot keep any promise to anyone. This why she demands there be something like a UN only so she can flout it’s pronouncements. This is why she torments the Palestinians instead of simply driving them into the sea or into Jordan. This is why the government representatives keep chumming with other governments only to switch sides next week. When the mouthpiece for Israel says anything at all, you can bet he doesn’t believe it himself, that it’s just another game of manipulation.

Getting rid of Israel is impossible. Kill all the Jews and Satan will raise up another nation just like it. The answer is to never take Israel seriously about anything. Do recognize that Israel is quite pleased with the idea of another global war, with nukes and everything. Even if it meant destroying the current Israeli infrastructure, the leadership cannot avoid provoking trouble. It’s who they are; it’s the core of their existence. It’s The Cult; it’s Satan. It’s not about individual people, but the powerful influence aimed at keeping humans bound under the Fall. In these days, Israel is the Devil’s single biggest distraction from pursuing holiness and the blessings of God.

Israel is a manifestation of God’s wrath. If you get hung up on Israel, Satan owns you and will drain your life. Watch what she does, because her actions will surely affect your mission. Be prepared to avoid that next thrust of evil, that next attack on your sanity and commitment to Christ. All you have to do is keep your flesh conquered; Israel is the fallen flesh personified. Israel is the antithesis of shalom.

This is how I stay sane and stay within blessings of God.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to That Big, Stinking Perversion

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Thanks for being the faithful watchman sounding the alarm even when the odds are against you. God is faithful and with you. We are more than conquerors already in Christ Jesus. I pray that you’ll continue to stay in the Presence of God and abide under His mighty wings. That’s the key to keeping our sanity abiding in Him. We’re in this world, but not of it. With the mind of Christ His spirit keeps us enlighten . Psalm 27 was a place God took me years ago, today I understand why. I believe you do too, it has prepared you for this time in history. Blessing and prayers.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Yes, Psalm 27 definitely feels like today.

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