Kiln blog: Glory on the Far Horizon

This is part of the wider message referenced in the previous blog post. Excerpt —

In our study in Psalm 119, we’ve seen the psalmist use several terms to indicate the revelation of God. One of those words translates as “testimony” — a record of something that actually happened as reported by eye witnesses. If you seek with your heart to see the consistency in the Bible, you’ll find it. Your heart will affirm it for your brain; the brain’s job is working out how to live according to that conviction. A critical element in understanding the Scriptures is precedent: You need to see what God says about various events, to discern His judgment of things. What does this narrative indicate about how God works?

There’s Job. His time was well before Israel, and probably before Abraham. His testimony indicates something about how we know God regardless of the trappings of the Covenant of Moses. Before his calling, Abraham knew of Our Lord by a different name, and was called to leave behind the other deities he knew. That was a tall order, given that Abraham seems to have been a member of the priestly noble class of pagan scholars in the Mesopotamian Valley. It was a scholarship that is buried in myth and legend for us, but it’s clear that Jehovah by another name was never completely forgotten once we were expelled from Eden.

To support that theme is Balaam, the scholar hired from Babylon by Balak to curse Israel during her time passing through on the way to Canaan Land. Balaam knew how to address Jehovah and got very explicit answers of what God intended to do. He also knew enough to teach Balak how to get Israel in trouble with her God. So when Balaam couldn’t curse Israel directly, it was simple matter of incurring God’s wrath on Israel by way of suborning to sin. It worked quite well, we are told. It had to do with an ancient heathen rite that involved an annual offering, wherein the women all offered their bodies for ritual sex. And you thought modern politics was dirty.

I hope you’ll have the time to click this link and read the whole message.


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