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What’s Going On 07

This morning I awoke to the sense of sorrow and loss — not my own, but a general concern for the world around me. By the time I went out to pick up trash, one of the vehicles in our … Continue reading

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Draper Lake: A Small Point

The temperatures were just about 60°F (16C) and rising, stiff southerly breeze and partly cloudy when I left the apartment. Skies cleared during the ride. I headed out to Draper Lake on the Post Road corridor and just chugged against … Continue reading

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They Could, But Won’t

Judah didn’t have to face exile in Babylon. Even after all their many failures, slipping into idolatry, they could have settled into their punishment at God’s hand by serving Babylon quietly. Jeremiah said as much, but the Judean leadership kept … Continue reading

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The Field of Harvest

One of the pillars of Christian Mysticism is a commitment to truth. All truth is God’s truth; everything worth hearing is going to reflect in some way the divine moral character of our Creator. He is Truth personified; truth always … Continue reading

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Psalm 120

We begin here a collection of 15 psalms, each referred to as a Song of Ascents. That term refers to any pilgrimage to the one and only high place for Israel, Zion. This brings the image of puring oneself, refreshing … Continue reading

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Stop the Secularizing

By now you may have caught a whiff of something my recent posts have been reaching for: We live a life of worship. In that sense, life is ritual. Our human existence on this earth is rightly shaped by an … Continue reading

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Tactical Heart

Life is not sacred, but living can be. Because of my service as a Military Policeman, I was indoctrinated in tactical awareness as a pervasive mindset that one never leaves. You crawl into a dark and dismal world, always waiting … Continue reading

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On Paedophilia

First, I refer you to the previous post as background. This is also a prophetic message. Paedophilia is contained in Western Civilization. It starts and ends with the peculiar mythology of Western values. Take away the peculiarities of Western thinking … Continue reading

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On Child Abuse

This is a prophetic message, so it belongs in the pulpit. God vests men and women with various types of prophetic gifts, callings and offices as part of the redemptive nature of revelation. That purpose includes a call to repentance, … Continue reading

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Let’s recall something very important: In Christ we live the paradox of having on the one hand a command to commune with others because it’s the nature of our communion with God. To be one with the Father is to … Continue reading

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